Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Looking ahead for Sunday.....

Instead of preparing for my Physiology Exam this Saturday, i ended up here blogging. Haha. I just felt like typing something. Blogging mood is switched on instead or reading mood now. It'd been raining for this passed few days here in Kampar and i guess the rainy day did generate a very much relaxing atmosphere here which turn me into a lazy worm instead of a book worm.

Microbiology Paper today is okay to me, thank goodness i can answer most of the questions, at least 90% of them. Phew~~~ Hopefully i'll obtain a good grade for this paper. Fingers crossed.

It'd been three days since i moved into this new room of mine. House mates are all very helpful and friendly. Everything is fine except for one: COCKROACH~~!!!!

My first night here and this freaking creature flew into my room through the open window. Say 'Hello' and then vanished. I screamed so loud until my house mate rushed into my room. We tried to look for the cockroach but failed. So, i switched off the light in hope that it will show up.

By 3am in the morning, i woke up to find this freaking horrible creature crawling on my toothbrush.

EW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! What the heck~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to hit it but missed and this freaking horrible + disgusting creature flew heading the direction of where my bed is. I was screaming 'NO~~~NO~~~NO~~~Not my pillow~~~!!!' but it was too fast and i was too slow. It landed on top of my pillow and crawled on it. Oh Great! *Rolling eyes*

I managed to kill it with my slipper after that but i ended up in Tesco at night, buying my new pillow and my new toothbrush, not forgetting my new weapons; a bottle of Aerosol and napthalene ball.

Housemate A :'Wa~ need or not?'
Housemate B:' What's that smell? Napthalene?'
Me: 'Yep.'
Housemate B: ' I think you put too much.'
Me: 'No lor~~~ Like this only effective mar.'
Housemate B: 'Ok. Good night.'

*Light Off*

and i freaking cannot sleep through the whole night because my whole room is occupied by the smell of napthelene.

~Next morning~

Me: 'Yeah. You are right. I put too much. Can i borrow your fan please?'



  1. sensei!!! nowadays cockroaches love to fly into rooms de, got many cases in kampar ad... my advice is: open the windows, but close the curtains tightly AT NIGHT!! in the morning confirm no cockroaches!

  2. Hahahahaha.....thank you thank you.....

  3. of cos la. who ask u to open the window. so stupid! by the way, my centre full of cockroaches. then i spray insect repellent then killed 3 of them. But now got one survived and always come out from drawer. dunno where's it hiding.



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