Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm hiring 'Cockroach-Slayer'

Okay, so i got a visit from another member of the cockroach family again yesterday night. 

*Rolling eyes*

Believe me, before this i didn't even know how to spell the word "cockroach" correctly but now that i typed so much i can even spell it backwards with ease. 
 Now, who want to be my personal cockroach-slayer? 

I'm seriously considering to hire one cockroach-slayer now. 
One that wouldn't accused me as the murderer.


ME: "快点来帮我抓蟑螂!"

HIM: "哎~~又叫我来杀生。"


By the way, is Mother Day today but my mum didn't even pick up my phone call so just let it be then.
I wonder will my siblings celebrate for her. Hmmp....

Gotta go and search for my passport because i'm leaving Malaysia for Cambodia next week.


  1. Your mum said she called u but u didn't pick up the phone. Useless daughter.

  2. No lo. She sms me got me? no lo....



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