Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holiday = time for another travel

Okay, so last year i booked my ticket to Cambodia during the AirAsia Mega Sale Season and this is the reward i gave myself after a hectic and long semester. Is pretty cheap for the air fare, under Rm100 for a round trip BUT this excluded the freaking huge sum of USD25 you gotta pay for the airport tax. T___T why~~~~~why~~~??? why do i have to pay???

My plan for the trip, a total of 6 days, 2 places; Siem Reap and Phnom Penh plus a budget of RM500. I'll be spending 3 days in Siem Reap and then travel to Phnom Penh by local bus before departing back to Malaysia. On the night before departing, i am so nervous because my travel buddy had been telling me how not safe it was in Cambodia since her friends were robbed right after their arrival in the airport(WU~~~~~how unlucky~~~) and also the recent conflict between Cambodia and Thailand( if you read the news you probably know that there is a war between these two countries). All these cases are really a big turn off but i insisted on going since i already booked the hotel.

So, one day before the flight, i travel down from Kampar to KL Sentral and stayed at McD until 3am morning before catching the skybus to LCCT. A lot of peoples were also waiting for the bus at McD so safety is not an issue here but  Arghhh.....who the hell that booked the ticket so freaking early in the morning???

I didn't order for anything.....buahahahaha...
I arrived in LCCT around 4.30am and found myself a good spot to laid down on my back for a quick nap before departing. Wuahahahaha....
Poor people travelling the poor way.
After checking in, i went to McD for morning breakfast and i met.......

my chinese orchestra friend, Jian Ming and my chinese calligraphy class friend + ex-housemate, Zhong Jing
Jian Ming

Zhong Jing
What a concidence~~~!! I later learnt that they'd been there since the night before and is taking the 6am flight  to Sarawak, Sibu. We wishes each other a safe and nice trip before departing.

Can still see the moon behind me
The sky was still dark by the time we took off and slowly the horizon lights up in red and orange.
Jestrine was so excited seeing the sunrise. I guess this is the first time she saw the sunrise from the plane...
My travel buddy. Jestrine.
The stewardess later hand us this. 

Fill it up with all the details they ask for and slip it inside your passport. The one below is for dropping into a box upon arrival at the airport. I stuck both inside my passport and the male officer scolded me loudly for doing so, which totally spoiled my mood. I knew that girl got irritated over little thing during their period so i assume this officer probably have too much estrogen circulating in his blood thus explained his lacking of politeness here.  
 Can't you just take it out and pass it back to me? 

Saw the Tonle Sap Lake from the sky

Siem Reap International Airport
Luckily, the guy they came to fetch me lighten up my mood for the day and he told me that it was raining quite heavy in the morning before our arrival. Phew~ how lucky am i... Anyway, the both of us couldn't stop laughing seeing him holding a board with our names printed on it. It felt so weird and funny. Hahahaha...
Sokha, which means happiness in Khmer.

I later learnt that the hotel i'm staying in actually provided free shuttle service to fetch us from the airport to the hotel and i could have save RM12 for this ride. =_= wish i found out about that earlier. 

To be continue

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