Friday, May 20, 2011

Good night````

Greeting from Cambodia~~

Cambodia, siem Reap. It turn out to be a safer place than i initially thought it was. The peoples here are all very nice and friendly. The driver that picked me up upon my arrival even helped me checked in to my hotel. Funny. I just sat there and enjoy my orange juice(free, serve by the hotel staff) while he helped me with the check in procedure. My tuk tuk driver, mr keo, of which i pre booked online turn out to be really good. He still put on a smile although me and my travel buddy were late for half an hour due to some consequences. Cold drink is provided for free too.

I'd been to Angkor Archaeological Park for sunset yesterday and today for the sunrise. I must say, is a place you should not miss to go while you are still young. For sure.....haha...have to do lotsa climbing. phew`~~~

tomorrow i'll be going to visit the silk farm....heh of charge also...includes the transport and entrance...heh heh....will be back with more details soon....

Gotta go....bye~~


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  1. wah... good lo. seems fun le.. I go next time hahaha



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