Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Met a group of Korean asking me to fill up a questionnaire for them and the next thing i know is standing there with a dirty hand(i went out to throw rubbish), listening to their story about god-der-ma-ther. 

Korean: "God-der ma-ter. You know?. God-der ma-ter is #%@^$%@&#$*^&!#@^$^*^!$!^%&.......
Me: 'Pardon?'
Korean: 'Are you In-te-res-ted? (Pronouncing the word 'Interested' slowly)
Me: "Depending" (Smile with blink blink teeth)
Korean: 'Sorry. What is depending?'
Me: " means NO. I'm not interested." 
Korean: "Oh....what time you are free?'
Me: 'I'm going for a test later by 2pm"
Korean: 'Oh...what time you are back?'
Me: 'By 4pm, but i'm going back to my hometown in Sarawak after that. I'm not local.'
Korean: ' there anyone else in your house?'
Me: 'They are all out.'
Korean: 'Oh....thank you then.'
Me: 'Bye bye~~~~'  (Voice trailing off)

God-der-ma-ther.... yeah yeah i got it....Is God Of Mother.....

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  1. haiyo. It's not good to cheat man... somemore dun you think they are pretty nice to work for their god. At least you won't go around and tell people to believe in Amitabha...



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