Saturday, May 7, 2011


Too bad i spoiled my camera or else i'll be able to show you how diverse the bugs family can get in my new room.

First night here, the American Cockroach came to say Hello.
Second night here, i have a big fat Moth that just kept coming back.
Third night here, i have Cricket singing lullaby in my room.
Forth night here, i sent a Firefly to heaven of which i thought is a cockroach.
Fifth night here, another Firefly came to mourn for it lost.

Hmmp....what kind of visitor i'll get for tonight? 


  1. move house la... beri good!

  2. Eh....Now this house the rental only Rm100 nia....sure move lar~~~

    Tat Westlake rent so big u guys also never come. What a waste.



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