Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The old market, Phsar Chas in Siem Reap

After arriving in Siem Reap Garden Inn, they quickly served me a cup of orange juice while Sokha helped me with the check-in procedure. Another two travelers were there as well, we have a chat and i was quite happy to found out that they were both from Malaysia too. Since we arrived too early and there isn't any available room at the moment. I just left my luggage at the reception and asked the two Malaysians to help me keep an eye on it before leaving to old town market.
Top: The van that AirAsia sent. Door at right side.
Bottom: The garden and lobby of my Inn. I just left my luggage there

My plan is to survey the price of souvenirs on sell there and see whether there is any interesting stuff worth bringing back. Since the time for check-in is at 2pm, i have plenty of time to roam around this place. I found it quite dark inside, not crowded but i found myself pouring a bucket of sweat after a few minutes walk probably due to the stuffy and hot atmosphere. Anyway, it is still bearable for me but not so much for my travel buddy.
There's a freaking cobra and scorpion inside that bottle. I dono what it is anyway.

There're quite a few number of shops there selling all sort of stuffs ranging from recycle-made bag, musical instruments, rattan bag, small pewter box, jewelery, gems, spices, T-shirt, silk, Buddha head statue, Apsara statue, keychains, pirated DVD, paintings and etc. The thing i don't like about this place is that they didn't place any price tag on the stuff they sell. So, is better to research for the price first before buying anything. I found most of the time the conversation with the shop vendors goes something like this

Me: 'How much?'
X: (scan at your appearance from top to bottom) '5dollars each'
Me: 'Wooo~ 5 dollars is too much. 2 dollars'
X: 'No. 2 dollars is not good for me. 4 dollars'
Me: 'Oh. No thank then.' (Start walking away)
X: 'Okay. How much you want?' 
Me: '2 dollars'
X: 'Okay. I will give you 3 dollars each.'
Me: 'No. I want 2.'
X: 'How many you take?'
Me: 'I need only one'
X: '4 dollars for 2.'
Me: 'No thank. I need only one.' (Start walking away)
X: 'Ok!!! Ok!! 2 dollars one.'

So, you see, just don't agree to the first price or even the second price they offered you.
It may be a different story if you are travelling during the peak season. 
I'm travelling during the low season so it's much more easier for me to bargain.
I found most of the vendors there are able to converse in simple Mandarin and Japanese, 
although the slang may got you scratching your head sometime. I didn't bought anything here. 
Haha because there are still other places that i want to look into before buying.

Since it's still morning, i saw the locals selling fishes and vegetable at the central walking space. 
It was quite interesting to watch the facial expression between the buyer and seller although i don't understand what their language. 
Most of the time they look and sound like starting a fight soon. Remind me of Malaysian aunties at the pasar. Haha.

I saw them sliced the fish right on the spot. Bloody scary. 
Chop~~ and the head went off....
Chop~~~ and the body spliced into half. 
Chop~~~ and the body spliced into a quarter.
This is the spot i found most crowded with locals. I wanted to take more photos 
but my travel buddy was already screaming to get out since the smell was quite overwhelming.
 So, we went to the other side where household utensils and materials were found. 

Jestrine anxiously checking on the map for a way out. Hahaha....

You can buy anything you forgotten to bring along with you here maybe shampoo, detergen or slipper. 
My travel buddy bought an adapter for USD1 here. 
We then decided to check out those places nearby since it is still early.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Siem Reap Garden Inn

For a budget traveler like me, i always seek for the MOST budget hotel i can get. May it be a guest house, inn, motel or whatsoever. I don't care. As long as there is a rooftop on top of my head and a place for me to refresh myself, i'm content enough. So, i stayed at this inn for 4 days and 3 night including breakfast which cost me a total of Rm64.50. The rate can be even cheaper if you are sharing a bunk bed with other traveler at other guest house but this also means sharing the same washroom and with no air-con. My travel buddy is not going to survive all these so I pre-booked through during a promotion and got this cheaper than usual rate but of course you'll need to book one year early before the travel date. 

Overall, i would give their services a 5 out of 5 stars. Why? 

1st: Politeness
I'd stayed in so many hotel before and even a 5 stars hotel do not greet me as often as they did. They greet you from morning to noon to evening and to the night and they smile whenever they see you. 

2nd: Facilities
Check out their web-site. For me, i found the multi-adapter socket, free pick-up service from airport, free-drop of service from hotel to nearby places like the Angkor Night Market, Old Market and Pub street pretty useful not forgetting the free internet access with their computer. 

3rd: Helpful
The reception staff helped me with my bus ticket to Phnom Penh and one of them even borrowed me his personal card-reader because i asked for it the other night before. 

The drawbacks.

1st: Lightning
There is enough light during the day time but we are only left with one small round-shaped dim light at night which is not bright enough to light up the whole room.

2nd: Water
I don't know whether this occur to every room but for mine, there is this strong smell of metal in the water and i have to brush my teeth with bottle water instead. 

3rd: The dusty road
Nah...see for yourself. In order to get to the inn you'll need to cross this. I thought of giving cycling a try since they are providing free bicycle for use but i cut the idea off as soon as i saw this. 
Think twice about cycling out or walking out unless you enjoy being cover in dirts.

Overalls, i still have a good time staying there and the owner of this inn is a Khmer himself. I have a chat with their staff and they told me they are moving soon and another new boss will take over this place. 
Maybe we'll see some improvement by then. 

Year 3 Semester 1

I can't believe this is my final year! The first class for this semester; Entrepreneurship. I would say is pretty interesting. First day of class and the lecturer is already telling us not to be too factual but more on imagination and innovation of which i think is quite a challenge for a science student. Haha.

Well, hopefully the rest of the subjects are going to be interesting but it seems like genomics and bioinformatics, fermentation technology both are not going to be that easy. Hmmp...I'm taking Pendidikan Moral for this semester too which i think is a total waste of time. Never did i understand the purpose of this subject, nor during my high school time and neither is now. The worst part is i am asked to pay a huge sum of RM500++ for this lame(LAN) subject. Jerk~~

I'll try to be more active in this space for this semester. Hmmp.....maybe....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holiday = time for another travel

Okay, so last year i booked my ticket to Cambodia during the AirAsia Mega Sale Season and this is the reward i gave myself after a hectic and long semester. Is pretty cheap for the air fare, under Rm100 for a round trip BUT this excluded the freaking huge sum of USD25 you gotta pay for the airport tax. T___T why~~~~~why~~~??? why do i have to pay???

My plan for the trip, a total of 6 days, 2 places; Siem Reap and Phnom Penh plus a budget of RM500. I'll be spending 3 days in Siem Reap and then travel to Phnom Penh by local bus before departing back to Malaysia. On the night before departing, i am so nervous because my travel buddy had been telling me how not safe it was in Cambodia since her friends were robbed right after their arrival in the airport(WU~~~~~how unlucky~~~) and also the recent conflict between Cambodia and Thailand( if you read the news you probably know that there is a war between these two countries). All these cases are really a big turn off but i insisted on going since i already booked the hotel.

So, one day before the flight, i travel down from Kampar to KL Sentral and stayed at McD until 3am morning before catching the skybus to LCCT. A lot of peoples were also waiting for the bus at McD so safety is not an issue here but  Arghhh.....who the hell that booked the ticket so freaking early in the morning???

I didn't order for anything.....buahahahaha...
I arrived in LCCT around 4.30am and found myself a good spot to laid down on my back for a quick nap before departing. Wuahahahaha....
Poor people travelling the poor way.
After checking in, i went to McD for morning breakfast and i met.......

my chinese orchestra friend, Jian Ming and my chinese calligraphy class friend + ex-housemate, Zhong Jing
Jian Ming

Zhong Jing
What a concidence~~~!! I later learnt that they'd been there since the night before and is taking the 6am flight  to Sarawak, Sibu. We wishes each other a safe and nice trip before departing.

Can still see the moon behind me
The sky was still dark by the time we took off and slowly the horizon lights up in red and orange.
Jestrine was so excited seeing the sunrise. I guess this is the first time she saw the sunrise from the plane...
My travel buddy. Jestrine.
The stewardess later hand us this. 

Fill it up with all the details they ask for and slip it inside your passport. The one below is for dropping into a box upon arrival at the airport. I stuck both inside my passport and the male officer scolded me loudly for doing so, which totally spoiled my mood. I knew that girl got irritated over little thing during their period so i assume this officer probably have too much estrogen circulating in his blood thus explained his lacking of politeness here.  
 Can't you just take it out and pass it back to me? 

Saw the Tonle Sap Lake from the sky

Siem Reap International Airport
Luckily, the guy they came to fetch me lighten up my mood for the day and he told me that it was raining quite heavy in the morning before our arrival. Phew~ how lucky am i... Anyway, the both of us couldn't stop laughing seeing him holding a board with our names printed on it. It felt so weird and funny. Hahahaha...
Sokha, which means happiness in Khmer.

I later learnt that the hotel i'm staying in actually provided free shuttle service to fetch us from the airport to the hotel and i could have save RM12 for this ride. =_= wish i found out about that earlier. 

To be continue

Friday, May 20, 2011

Good night````

Greeting from Cambodia~~

Cambodia, siem Reap. It turn out to be a safer place than i initially thought it was. The peoples here are all very nice and friendly. The driver that picked me up upon my arrival even helped me checked in to my hotel. Funny. I just sat there and enjoy my orange juice(free, serve by the hotel staff) while he helped me with the check in procedure. My tuk tuk driver, mr keo, of which i pre booked online turn out to be really good. He still put on a smile although me and my travel buddy were late for half an hour due to some consequences. Cold drink is provided for free too.

I'd been to Angkor Archaeological Park for sunset yesterday and today for the sunrise. I must say, is a place you should not miss to go while you are still young. For sure.....haha...have to do lotsa climbing. phew`~~~

tomorrow i'll be going to visit the silk farm....heh of charge also...includes the transport and entrance...heh heh....will be back with more details soon....

Gotta go....bye~~


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Met a group of Korean asking me to fill up a questionnaire for them and the next thing i know is standing there with a dirty hand(i went out to throw rubbish), listening to their story about god-der-ma-ther. 

Korean: "God-der ma-ter. You know?. God-der ma-ter is #%@^$%@&#$*^&!#@^$^*^!$!^%&.......
Me: 'Pardon?'
Korean: 'Are you In-te-res-ted? (Pronouncing the word 'Interested' slowly)
Me: "Depending" (Smile with blink blink teeth)
Korean: 'Sorry. What is depending?'
Me: " means NO. I'm not interested." 
Korean: "Oh....what time you are free?'
Me: 'I'm going for a test later by 2pm"
Korean: 'Oh...what time you are back?'
Me: 'By 4pm, but i'm going back to my hometown in Sarawak after that. I'm not local.'
Korean: ' there anyone else in your house?'
Me: 'They are all out.'
Korean: 'Oh....thank you then.'
Me: 'Bye bye~~~~'  (Voice trailing off)

God-der-ma-ther.... yeah yeah i got it....Is God Of Mother.....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm hiring 'Cockroach-Slayer'

Okay, so i got a visit from another member of the cockroach family again yesterday night. 

*Rolling eyes*

Believe me, before this i didn't even know how to spell the word "cockroach" correctly but now that i typed so much i can even spell it backwards with ease. 
 Now, who want to be my personal cockroach-slayer? 

I'm seriously considering to hire one cockroach-slayer now. 
One that wouldn't accused me as the murderer.


ME: "快点来帮我抓蟑螂!"

HIM: "哎~~又叫我来杀生。"


By the way, is Mother Day today but my mum didn't even pick up my phone call so just let it be then.
I wonder will my siblings celebrate for her. Hmmp....

Gotta go and search for my passport because i'm leaving Malaysia for Cambodia next week.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Too bad i spoiled my camera or else i'll be able to show you how diverse the bugs family can get in my new room.

First night here, the American Cockroach came to say Hello.
Second night here, i have a big fat Moth that just kept coming back.
Third night here, i have Cricket singing lullaby in my room.
Forth night here, i sent a Firefly to heaven of which i thought is a cockroach.
Fifth night here, another Firefly came to mourn for it lost.

Hmmp....what kind of visitor i'll get for tonight? 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Psychic power

I can foreseen Mr. Tian marking my paper with frowning eyebrows,
......evilly painting my answer sheet with more and more red colour 
.........sketching it with more and more XXXXXXXXXXX....

so why bother to study anymore

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Looking ahead for Sunday.....

Instead of preparing for my Physiology Exam this Saturday, i ended up here blogging. Haha. I just felt like typing something. Blogging mood is switched on instead or reading mood now. It'd been raining for this passed few days here in Kampar and i guess the rainy day did generate a very much relaxing atmosphere here which turn me into a lazy worm instead of a book worm.

Microbiology Paper today is okay to me, thank goodness i can answer most of the questions, at least 90% of them. Phew~~~ Hopefully i'll obtain a good grade for this paper. Fingers crossed.

It'd been three days since i moved into this new room of mine. House mates are all very helpful and friendly. Everything is fine except for one: COCKROACH~~!!!!

My first night here and this freaking creature flew into my room through the open window. Say 'Hello' and then vanished. I screamed so loud until my house mate rushed into my room. We tried to look for the cockroach but failed. So, i switched off the light in hope that it will show up.

By 3am in the morning, i woke up to find this freaking horrible creature crawling on my toothbrush.

EW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! What the heck~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to hit it but missed and this freaking horrible + disgusting creature flew heading the direction of where my bed is. I was screaming 'NO~~~NO~~~NO~~~Not my pillow~~~!!!' but it was too fast and i was too slow. It landed on top of my pillow and crawled on it. Oh Great! *Rolling eyes*

I managed to kill it with my slipper after that but i ended up in Tesco at night, buying my new pillow and my new toothbrush, not forgetting my new weapons; a bottle of Aerosol and napthalene ball.

Housemate A :'Wa~ need or not?'
Housemate B:' What's that smell? Napthalene?'
Me: 'Yep.'
Housemate B: ' I think you put too much.'
Me: 'No lor~~~ Like this only effective mar.'
Housemate B: 'Ok. Good night.'

*Light Off*

and i freaking cannot sleep through the whole night because my whole room is occupied by the smell of napthelene.

~Next morning~

Me: 'Yeah. You are right. I put too much. Can i borrow your fan please?'


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On my birthday this year.....

I received a bit surprise from Michelle, Spiky, Jing Jing and Yee Hing.
Wow....never expected you guys to show up at my door with this.....

Love it to the max~~~~!!!
I'm naming it 'Vector'


That's the name i came upon with while reading about plasmid vector.
So i decided to call it this....Hahahaha....Muahahahahaha....

Cute lei~~~ Don't jealous....Ngek~Ngek~Ngek~
*Picture stolen from Michelle's FB*


He brought me to Cameron Highland.

Finish showing off.
Back to my Microbiology notes.

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