Friday, April 8, 2011 week 13

and i still found myself wondering what i'd been doing for the past few months
i had forgotten nearly 80% of the lessons i picked up early this semester but i do remember gaining 0% back from the rest of the remaining lecture.

if there's one thing i ever learn from this semester....i guess it should be these......

'EH~~~finish your report already?'

'Eh~~~~is this stupid graph suppose to look like this?' 

'Eh~~~~what the hell is this stuff talking about?'

'What's next? Test, quiz, or report?'

'Eh~~~~do you have the result?'

haizzzz....SPM leaver....have a good thought about dating with 'applied sciences' for the next 3-4 years. There's never a dull moment in your university life since you're going to be too numb to experience any.
Gosh~~~~ i can't believe i still have so much things to do....arghhh........

and tomorrow i'll be going for a volunteer program

Monday Microbiology report due
Tuesday Microbiology Lab Test and Biochemistry Lab Test
Friday Biotechnology Lab Test
Saturday Muet Exam
Next Monday Microbiology report due
Next Friday Biochemistry report due

By the way, i went up to Ipoh for a concert last Sunday.......
an enjoyable trip with the rest of the orchestra members

will have to start studying for final exam and plan for my cambodia trip in May 
and also plan for the next concert.....

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