Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bye bye 1238-A2, bye bye my neighbour

Haha. I got the idea of posting this out from Rainie....Read his story here...

So, it'd been two years. WOaaaaAAaaaa....

First month here.......still ok
Second month here....... ok lo
Third month here..........arrgghhhh
Forth month here........arrrgghhhhh + pulling hairs
Fifth month here.............Waaaaaaaaaa

Half year here
'I swear i'll move by the end of semester!!!!'

Then came another semester and i still found myself here.

and follow by another semester

1 year later
'I swear i will move out from here!!!!!!!'

and i found myself signing the contract for another year....

then came industrial training and i'm still here

Finally, after two years time....i'm outta here and hopefully i'd made the right decision.

I came to Kampar looking for a place to stay with my friends a long time ago 

Tada~~!! Still have the photo with me...

From left: Eeshen, Liyen, Me, Rainnie, Bond and Henry.
Inside the KTM bidding goodbye to Jestrine; the photographer.
7 of us. The house owner is so damn happy to see us.


Then, one after another, we moved in.
Bond moving in....the last one to move in and also the last one left staying there.
and one after another, we moved out but it still remains the place we gather for birthday party, lunch, dinner, assignment, test, and so on.

Well, i guess we'll just have to find another place for all this.

And of course, there's one person i would like to thank here.
My neighbour who'd been sharing the same balcony with me.

He loves to sing while taking his shower but is usually out of tune(depending on his mood that day).
 He played '大悲咒 rock version' during the Hungry Ghost Festive.
His pet always escaped into my room and i have to stick my head out the window screaming for him to catch them back.
 He let me take care of his plant, fighting fish and his hamster when he is back to his hometown.
Sometime he came in my room hunting for food and then cabut with 2 pack of instance noodles.
and sometime he would came in my room with a big grin on his face saying 'Sensei~~~' while holding something new on his hand(usually is his pet).
 He's always the hero whenever some scary and gross insects stick their heads out in my room.
He borrow me his homework and told me exam tips.
Most importantly, he's the one who helped me shifted all my stuffs from PJ to this house.

and now that he's not staying next door of me anymore
i guess i'll just have to work extra harder on my reports
and pay more attention in lecture now.

I know you'll probably be reading this now.


thank you and bye bye

Hope you gave a great year ahead with your new housemates.


  1. Sweet~~
    Bye bye 1238 too. TT^TT

  2. time want go who house celebrate ar???



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