Monday, March 28, 2011

Homework! Test! Lab test! Report! Shoot me!!!!!

Here the list of endless nightmare~~~

  • 28 March, -Microbiology report and Physiology report (check)
  • 29 March, -Presentation (I just found out it's postponed to Thursday) (check)
  • 2 April, - Concert
  • 5 April, - Microbiology report 
  • 6 April, - Muet Speaking Test, Biotechnology report (stab me please)
  • 9 April, - Volunteer activity
  • 14 April, - Hmmp.....something important to do.
  • 15 April, - Biotechnology Lab Test (Great~~~! Kill me~~)
  • 16 April, - Muet Writing, Listening and Reading test
  • 30 April, - Moving

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dead beauty

I'm here to announce that my beloved lappy is officially death(so was my blog)

and thank Rainnie for borrowing me his

THANK YOU~~~!!!!

Outta this space now.
Gotta study for tomorrow stupid Microbiology quiz.

Can i consider this as an update???

A few lines count. Right?

* Light off, gyee off to bed*

Friday, March 4, 2011


That's the best word to describe whatever that's happening now


my freaking asthma is back

and i just want to say

I hate it.

because it's making me broke.

and i hate that i'm from Sarawak
that i got no transport to go to the government hospital

and the stupid cough

Could you please just go away? 

and then the stupid leg

Could you please heal asap so that i can stop spending money on taking bus?

Everything is so out of order now because my health is blinking red light now


 but i cannot do anything about it

at the same time

I'm sad and very disappointed.



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