Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy as a bee.....

 Kinda neglected my own blog recently because i'm busy updating the other one.
Well, i had just lead through a very busy weekend and am is expecting another round of busy week ahead.

Just to put it short.
I joined an orchestra performance on Wednesday and it took my whole week away.
(rolling eyes)

Classes still continue as usual and works are pilling up my desk.
(rolling eyes + banging head on the wall)

And so i decided to pray for having more time to spare on Thursday night.
(Fingers crossed)

......and my lantern rejected to 'bug'.....
Well, in another term it means 'float' which according to Chinese belief, 
one wishes will never come true if the lantern failed to float up
which probably explain why this photo was taken on Saturday

Erm....actually i signed up for no one to blame but myself.

 Next up, got a called from Ryan asking me to become the photographer for the Orchestra Solo Competition.
=____= felt like turning down on this but since he's so sincere on asking me i felt bad to reject him.

So, there's goes my Sunday.

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