Monday, January 24, 2011

My collection of expired medicines.

The big title of this post is telling you how healthy i am that i don't need to consume any medicine.

Well, i was cleaning up my drawer and i came across this thing here.


My First-Aid Box = =V
This box here only serve one purpose:
The collector of all my medicines.

and here how it looked like when i poured everything out
Waaaaaaaa......why got so many one?

When i go through all these medicines, i realized that.....

Eh hem (coughing)
Antifungal o? But expired already use liao will grow fungal mar?
Melted pills from Hospital Ipoh. Since when i'd been there ar? Last year? Or last last year?
and this cream here....

What is this?

I apply it before?
Expire on July, 2010. It doesn't matter anymore.

and then i found out, i still have a roll of Panadol. NEW~~~
but i got that during 2008....

Still consumable?

At last, this is what got my eyes popped out

2008 to 2009 to 2010 to 2011
Wa.....why i never realized ar?

Now that i know, i never really consumed medicine. 
Next time must 乖乖 telan all.

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