Saturday, January 29, 2011

'environmentalists' i spat on you....PUI~~~~

I just read a news that kinda spark on my nerves.

It is about 
'Malaysia releasing genetically engineered Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to fight dengue'

Well, as a future to-be biotechnologist(eh hem eh hem) whomever working behind the project have my full support. Dengue have no known cure or vaccine and it killed 134 Malaysian last year

After reading the news, i twisted my brain and though about what kinds of effort our government had put in so far to prevent the spreading of dengue.
and so i concluded on 3....

Number 1: They put up advertisement on all our RTM and even wrote a song for it.


Fill up the blank for me if you know the lyric.

*'I usually switch off the TV or switch to another channel whenever the ads is being broadcaster.'

Number 2: They put up poster and paste it everywhere. Inside the hospital, clinic, school and even roadside.

*'What make you guy think we're going to lay an eye on those boring poster?'

Number3: They sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.....

*'Ello.....Pollution lar.....'

So you see, i must say the effort they put in is really a waste of time and money because Malaysian are just too ignorant(not until it strike and only we'll start regretting)

Now this test here is really something fresh and i think it will be far more effective than all those rubbish i'd mentioned above.

This experiment was aimed at controlling the local mosquito population.

The less it was, the better it is.


By genetically engineered the male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.


When the female mosquitoes impregnated by the genetically engineered male mosquitoes would then produce no offspring or having offspring with shorter lives.


Read this.....

The plan has sparked criticism by some Malaysian environmentalists (ello....what have you guys contribute to the country so far? Question yourself before you start deceiving others), who fear it might have unforeseen consequences(If that so, then isn't it a bit too early to conclude?), such as the inadvertent creation of uncontrollable (Heck~! Don't you know that it is controllable because of the short life span they possessed) mutated mosquitoes. Critics also say such plans could leave a vacuum in the ecosystem that is then filled by another insect(Insect???? LOL~~~~more concern on the frog first lar dude.....BTW....some biological control will do lar.....) species, potentially introducing new diseases.

If you guys are so concern with those 'UNFORESEEN CONSEQUENCES'. Then start working your ass off on it. By the way, that's your job. 

A typical Malaysian. Trying to steal the limelight from other and only know how to point fingers here and there but never really work out on a solution together. 

Is time to enter the new era of Applied Science before Malaysia di tenggelam zaman. 


My life is a total mess right now.
I don't know where i'm heading to and i don't know what amaze me anymore.
I felt like i'm in deep shit.
I felt like screaming.
I felt like shouting.

Each day is an endless battle.
Is exhausting.
Is frustrating.
Kept trolling in match after match.

I hope for a miracle.
I pray.
I wait.
One day i'll be able to put all these to an end.

The right choice.
The right decision.
The right move.
The right step.

I just want everything to be simple.

I don't really care.

I wish i could breakaway from here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My collection of expired medicines.

The big title of this post is telling you how healthy i am that i don't need to consume any medicine.

Well, i was cleaning up my drawer and i came across this thing here.


My First-Aid Box = =V
This box here only serve one purpose:
The collector of all my medicines.

and here how it looked like when i poured everything out
Waaaaaaaa......why got so many one?

When i go through all these medicines, i realized that.....

Eh hem (coughing)
Antifungal o? But expired already use liao will grow fungal mar?
Melted pills from Hospital Ipoh. Since when i'd been there ar? Last year? Or last last year?
and this cream here....

What is this?

I apply it before?
Expire on July, 2010. It doesn't matter anymore.

and then i found out, i still have a roll of Panadol. NEW~~~
but i got that during 2008....

Still consumable?

At last, this is what got my eyes popped out

2008 to 2009 to 2010 to 2011
Wa.....why i never realized ar?

Now that i know, i never really consumed medicine. 
Next time must 乖乖 telan all.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Unexpected 5 days break. 
(Actually there's one lecture early in the morning within this five days but i skipped it anyway)

Went up to Ipoh with my friends on Wednesday. Is my third visit to Ipoh this month.
Amazing huh? It seem like i'm paying Ipoh a visit every week.....ZzzzZZZzzzzzz
and kept disturbing my friend every week......ZZZzzzzZZzzzzzz

I played bowling on Wednesday night. It'd been a long long time i didn't lay a fingers on bowling.
Unexpectedly, it seem like i'm improving on it. A lot.
Well, by swinging the ball to the audience seat rather than the lane.
Haha....a new way to murder your friend without guilt.

Momo. She is the one who invited me....

The next morning, i went mount climbing. 
Got up as early as 6am but i slept at 4am.
Yeah...walking zombie up the hill.

Surprisingly, morning in Ipoh is way cooler than i thought it would be.
 Remind me of Sabah.
The only different is we wouldn't be able to see any star at that time in Sabah.

Halfway up the hill.
Initially, i thought i was going for a breakfast so this explain why my attire is so different from other.
I woke up with a blur head remember?

Yeah....laugh all you want. 

Housing estate below.....
Finally reached 'dunno where' and my legs were screaming for a break so we stopped for a rest.
and i wonder why some people still have so much energy to spare.

The monkey swinging back and forth on the poles.

Going down hill is a pain in the ass for me because of my short pant and crocs.

Someone doing his morning prayer behind me.....

We went to Sam Poh Temple after lunch. I got myself a 上上签 but i dunno what it was talking about.
So this guy here decided to put his crapping skill for a test.

Oh~~`It says that you must find a good teacher to teach you....bla bla bla bla bla....
Sam Poh Temple is a bit of disappointment for me.
It is not something that i thought it would be.
 The place is not well maintained and i can see algae growing on the tortoises.
Not much to see inside as well. 

We went for badminton after this.   
For me, badminton = revenge time


I just kept smash every shuttle. The aim? Of course is my opponents.

The three idiots. 
Ipoh town was celebrating Thaipusam and the traffic was terrible. 
Luckily, we got a good driver who knew how to avoid bumping into men with kavadi.

We got back home for a break before hitting the cinema.  
I watched this movie which i'd planned to watch with Michelle and Spiky.

Pretty good considering the fact that it was a home-made movie.
Not the best and yet is not the worst.

After the movie, we went to pasar malam. I didn't manage to buy anything.
Got back home and ate the egg tarts we forgot to consume early in the morning plus Ng's mum Longan drink with an addition of 萝卜糕 and popiah bought by dunno who.

A great day well spent before the nightmare hit me.

I checked on my email and more easy breezy day......

I'm freaked out

The night i clicked on the email, i got a rush of adrenaline shot through my whole body. 



2011 is going to be a fruitful year for me.

It begin from this very email i'd been longing to receive for so long.

Is time to prepare myself well for the long and hearth-racing journey
down the path.

I hope i'll be able to make it until the last stage.


I needs a hug.

Friday, January 7, 2011


बेंग होम = मोरे स्ट्रेस 
इ नेवर फोरगेट, इ जुस्त चूसे तो इगनोरे आईटी. ठाट'स थे ओनली वे तो फेल्ट बेत्टर.

इ गेस इ शौल्ड स्टॉप ब्लॉग्गिंग अस आईटी टूक में तू मच टाइम.

इफ ओनली टाइम कैन बे रविन्द, इ होप इ नेवर मेट यू .

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why you wear your baju terbalik???

When you are sick, you tend to forget thing easily.
We just simply lack the energy to even think properly.

I was lying deadly in my parents room when my mum came in and start staring at me.

Her: Why you wear your baju terbalik?
Me: Where got?
Her: Where got ar~~~What is this~~??? (Tarik my baju)
Me: wonder i felt weird buttoning up just now.
Her: Only when your mum die ar~~~baru wear like that~~~~Haizzzzzzzzz...
(Walk away shaking her head)


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