Friday, December 17, 2010

You can put the blame on me

You can put the blame on me~~~
You can put the blame on me~~~~~
a song sung by Akon

I'd been singing and humming this song recently.

I just love the lyric.


Number 1: The stupid machine which is use for running blood sample test broke down that day
and they point their fingers on me.
 (Just because it is lunch hour and i'm the only one left at the department that time)
Turn out, the engineer found out it is actually because they didn't perform the monthly maintenance and caused the blood to accumulate and clotted up the system.

Number 2: A doctor phoned and complaint about lost samples.
 They pointed their fingers on me and claimed that i'm the one who 
accidentally threw the samples into the trash.
What sort of lame excuse is this?
I swear in the name of god. 
I remember very well. I didn't even seen the sample at all.
I came after her and you should ask that lady.

Number 3: Some lame people(you-know-who) forgot to inform them to move the dry ice in
and the manager is so damn pissed off because of this.
None of my business also. You should blame that person who signed the invoice.
Why me pula? 

  Just because i'm an intern doesn't mean i can be exploited like this
you are responsible for your own mistake.
Can't you guys just stop all this nonsense? 

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