Monday, December 27, 2010

What adults did best......

I'm currently having my most tiring holiday with my family.
Well, initially i thought it was going to be fun travelling with my family 
but turn out i was wrong.

My mum wouldn't stop bragging on tiny stuff which annoyed me
(now the light is off and she still wouldn't stop talking nonsense)

My dad wouldn't stop scolding me 
and the debate goes on the whole way from Kinabalu to Kudat.

The adults only did two things best....
Number 1: 'Paying the bill'

I wish for some peach and quiet moment.
Number 2: 'Making last minute decision' 

Well, for example....
I asked: 'Rm170, one big room for family. How?'
Adults: 'No lar....go there see see first. Compare the rate mar....'
Me: 'Is Christmas and most of the hotel in town were fully booked. We shouldn't be picky...'
Adults: Haiya!!!! You know wat lar~!! Sure got one lar!!!

and we ended up in the most expensive resort in town....


 I hate adult who wouldn't listen......!!!

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