Monday, December 6, 2010

The top 10 things that kept me away from blogging

1. Lazy
2. Busy chatting.
3. On a trip to ulu-ulu kampong.
4. No computer to online.
5. Got the gadget but internet is not available.
6. Back at my hometown.
7. Test
8. Assignment
9. Doesn't have a good sentence to begin the post.
10. REPORTS!!!!!!!

I hope this explain why i'm gone for a week.
I'm busy thinking hard how to end the life of the duck, raccoon, spider and wolf. 
They're all characters created by a bunch of boring students and
because of that i actually discovered the talents we have for writing.

Although i'm far from all my friends now but i can still have fun writing with them.

Though we're all at a different places now but
I know we all laughing at the same time because of the same thing we did that day.
I'm looking ahead to meet you guys so we can begin the practice for our next concert.
3 more weeks and i'll be free.

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