Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tired of having nothing to do on a Sunday

There's not much i can do on a Sunday.
Initially, i planned to visit a number of places on every weekend i have here
but recently i just don't felt like hitting the road at all due to limited time.

Well, you see i can't keep travel back and forth from a place that will take me
3 hours to reach and another 3 hours back in just one day time. 
I'm only left with 2 more weekends to spare here before i wave my goodbye 
to the Land Below The Wind.

There's still a numbers of places i planned to go
Interesting places like The Tips Of Borneo at Kudat, The Poring Hot Spring at Ranau,
Sabah Tea Plantation at Ranau, The Milk Farm at Kundasang, The Sompoton making center at Tambunan, 
Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, and the local coffee factory at Tenom

but due to transport issue(a real big issue here) and the time given
I can only wait until the day my parents arrive here and the end of my industrial training. 
Then the only thing i'll have to do by that time
is to get a nod on my parents head
and i'll hit the road with them.

I'm waiting anxiously for that day.

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