Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Is raining over here again and i just can't wait for the rain to stop.
I hate rainy day. I always hate rainy day. 
Ever since i'm back to East Malaysia, 59 out of 60 days had been a rainy day. 
There's only 1 day without rain so far. 
Yeah!!! One hell fucking day without rain!!! 
Can you imagine that??? 
For 60 days there's only 1 fucking day without rain!!!!

Yes i'm fucking mad of the weather. 
because I don't want to spent extra money on clothing anymore 
and i fucking don't want to walk under the fucking rain for any fucking last minute change
 because of some fucking lame excuses some fucking lame peoples can came up with.

I hate excuse but on top of that i hated last minute changes even more.

You can give me whatever lame excuse you can come up with.
I'll only sneer at your pretentious for making that up
 but don't ever make last minute changes without informing me AT ALL.
I'll remember your lameness for ages!!!!

People who make last minute changes without
informing is like telling a duck to bark like a dog at the very last minute.
My description here is a bit melodramatic and you can ignore it for good.

So my point here is,
Please inform me earlier, so that i can make the right arrangement.
Don't just came to me at the very last minute and throw me a dumb ass question like this.

'Hey! How do you go back later?'

It will only make thing worst when it rain because i fucking cannot walk under the rain without
a fucking umbrella and i fucking don't want to walk past that fucking Indonesian Worker housing area
and hearing them screamed 'Ah Moi! 'Ah Moi!' at the top of theirs lungs for on and on
until i walked out of theirs visible range.
3 more weeks. I already prepared my timer to do the countdown
 because i just can't wait to get the hell out of this place.
I still likes Sabah and i still will say it is indeed one of the best places i ever been on
minus out the lame guy and the lame company + the lame colleagues.

Everything will be perfect then.
Ah! and make sure you owned some steel of your own.
Now, who can fetch me to work this coming Friday?

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