Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If you do look back, do it to better your next move.

This post is dedicated for someone.
You owned me big one because i don't wrote stuff like this
but i'll do it for you anyway. Don't thank me just yet
because I'M SO ANNOYED BY YOU!!!!

Ah~~~~now i felt better.
Read this and i hope you'll stop bothering me.

Is always interesting to read back my old post
and discovered how much i have changed in person.

People always told us

'Do not look back at your past'

or maybe this

'What important now is the future.'

this sound familiar too

'Just let it go, we do not live in the past but we live for the future.'

Nah~~~~!!!! I do not buy any of these because

Is LAME~~~~

 i believe unless you are the 'unlucky' one who suffers from
a severe memory lost
or else like it or not,
Our soul is so gonna remind us of our past.

If you experience pain in your past, you're not going to drop the subject
even if you believe that you did.
Times may heal but the journey through life is cruel enough to remind you
of what happened in the past once in a while.

So, to cope with the pain the memory brought me when it hit me.

I look back at my past once in a while to remind myself
not to make the same mistake i once made,
to remind myself not to miss out another great things in life,
to remind myself to experience more,
to remind myself to grab any opportunity that comes their way,
 to remind myself there's still a long road to conquer ahead,
to remind myself to keep my head held high and not lose strength,
to remind myself of all the minor things in life which brought us huge impact,
to remind myself of all the footprints left by those who only live in the memory now,
their courage, spirit, love and hope
to remind myself to remember the great times i have had,
to remind myself not to let jealousy get in my way and blur my justice,
to remind myself to appreciate more and embrace what i have,
to remind myself that i'm much more lucky than most peoples,
bla bla bla bla bla bla too many and i'm lazy to list out

most importantly
to remind myself not to be afraid of my past 

 It is only when you look fear in the face that you gain strength to move on with future.

So, it is totally fine to look back at your past and to be reminded of all the stupid things you once did,
 the lame guy or maybe girl(Wu~~~~) you fall for, lies you told, peoples you hurt, violence, failure,
 so on and on.....

Just take all that as a lesson for you to better your next move.
The pain will only make you stronger and not dampen your spirit even further.
Remember your past to know where your locus point now and to discover the new you.

=____= I'd told you i'm not good at stuff like this.
Happy now?

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