Friday, December 17, 2010

Bluff me ar~~~

When she said
'You two are one of the best for me so far'

I really felt like laughing and rolling on the floor.
Thought i'm so naive to believe you?

By the way, that stupid Utar been delaying their work
and she just kept asking me about the assessment stuff
of which i totally have no idea of. 

My lecturer already gave me a reply but i didn't know they are still lagging.
And the other intern here doesn't even contact his own lecturer about this issue at all

Plainly rely on me to do all the shit!!!!
I'm fucking angry with this lame guy here.
Yes! Fucking angry of you!

Why can't you at least complete a task by your own effort?
Even important thing like this, you promise me you will contact your lecturer
but until now what lame reason you gave me?

'Eh. I don't think i can contact my lecturer.'

Bull shit!!! If i can. Why can't you?

All bull shit!!!
I am super duper not please!!!! 
Why it is always me? Why ar?

Now, she demanding me for my final report....ZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ
really headache!!!!


  1. it's like we've been tortured by UTAR for almost whole degree years... What to do? our choice to enter here.. :)
    But my supervisors all quite good.. after reading ur blog, I feel lucky... lol~
    Stand strong dude... :)

  2. Lol...i tot is who....Is you ar~~~ =___= Dunno you got a blog also....never told me..

    5 more days.....then can go back~~~



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