Saturday, December 25, 2010

The beginning of a whole new chapter

Finally, is the end of my industrial training.
Waved my goodbye to the family who'd taken care of me for this 3 months.

A family portrait.
The first thing my mum said to me, 'Aiyo!!!! Fat!!!!'
Well, this is the first time i heard this comment from her.
Usually she will only comment on my face, my skin tone, or my hairs.
Lol....good thing is at least i know i can keep my long hairs now.

Santa Claus~~~~!!!
Went shopping right away with my sister and cousin. 
Lot of shop tenants asking us whether we are from Taiwan or not. LOL~~~

My mui mui
I bought the hat she's wearing and she just burn a hole in my pocket.

I wanna buy this for my big sister but since she complaint about having too many teddies invading my bed so i cut the idea off.

Is Christmas Eve today and Sabah is extremely quiet. 
The church is the only place with lotsa peoples now.
I wonder how it is like over in Semenanjung now. 
For two years, i'd been celebrating Christmas with my fellow university friends
and i never have a chance to celebrate this special day with family.
Now, i finally have the chance to celebrate Christmas differently.

I received a call from Spiky this morning and i'm touched.
I didn't expect him to call when i told him i'm watching Alvin and the Chipmunk at that very moment.
That's the movie we watched together on last year Christmas.
I do miss the time we celebrate Christmas together.

Anyway, if there's one place i get to choose to be at.
I'll choose to be at the Chinese temple in KL watching the Chinese orchestra competition.

Now, i'm all alone in the dinning room typing this while eating my favorite junk food.
Just to give a picture. LOL~~~
Tomorrow, 'Tunku Abdul Rahman Park'.

Merry Christmas to all who read this post.
and to Michelle....

Received my(your) sms Christmas wishes?

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