Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 more days to go

Is finally the weekend and this will be my last weekend here.
I didn't make any planning to go anywhere for this weekend. 

All i wants is some peace and quiet moment all alone and so 
i went downtown for a cup of coffee 
and hit my head under this stuff here.....

I wonder why they hang their signboard so low 
Bang~~~!!! and all heads turned to look at me.
Great! I'd just embarrass myself in front of a lengzai sitting just right next to my table.

The sun beginning to set at 4.45pm(early right?)

Don't you think the formation of the cloud look a bit like Sabah map itself?
I went for a walk beside South China Sea and took a bus back home after that.
Met a moron on the bus. 
He put his hand on my waist!!!!!!!
What the HECK~~!!!
and so
He got a good hit in his you-know-where-lo and
I stamped his feet.
I didn't say a word and got off the bus for good.

He really spoiled my mood for the day.
and there it goes my Saturday.


  1. that stupid moron really put his hand at ur waist ah? that is call molest right???

  2. Yep. I'm half-seated inside the bus and i didn't realized this guy already placed his hand behind me. Then suddenly felt got hand move up and down my waist. I looked down and saw his hand.

    Then i just use my elbow and hit him right away. Then stamp his feet and get off bus right away.

    Now really a lot of moron......

  3. I thought you are studying somewhere in India?

  4. wah.... sit bus and run around la.... yell loudly ma so tat everyone looks at him and make him pai seh...



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