Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 more weeks and 2 more days

2 more weeks and 2 more days.
I'm anxious already. I can't wait to go home.
It'd been 11 months since i last went home.
My mum just called and told me that they're coming up to Kota Kinabalu
with my relatives and friends from Brunei.

She said they'll be here for a week before they venture off to Taiwan 
and asked me to plan for their vacation.
Hehehehe.......evil plan in the progress now.
North, South, East and West. 
Prepare to pay hundreds for your car fuel dad. LOL~~~~

My mum said she's don't think i am capable to fly back to Miri on my own
Hence, the decision to travel up here and cage me back home.

Well, actually, mum, you know what. I smell something fishy. 
Is not that i'm not capable. Both you and dad simply just want to play. i right? Huh?

Then prepare for a long tiring chase for your monkey daughter.
Did i tell you that i'm flying over to Sandakan by the time you arrive in KK?

Ooopppsss.....i guess not.


  1. You go die la. why u didn't inform earlier? Ur mum dun really want to go because she had already been there before.

  2. Yamei? Then ask her don't come lo~~~
    Sit at home lo~~~~



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