Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1 week and 5 more days

I wonder why, when it is the time for me to sleep. 
I'll start having the urge to blog.

Recently, i'd been blogging more on my daily encounters rather than my travel story.
Haha. I just don't have the right mood to start penning on my Sabah journey yet.

Anyway, i did wrote down everything in my travel log.
I can just open the book and retype everything here.
i'm lazy (max point)

I'm simply worn out after work.
Is dealing with peoples that's giving me all the nerves wrecking moment at work.
I'm at a place the eye does not see.

I dislike pointing my finger to others because three of my fingers are pointing back at me.
 But....why are you peoples so blind?

Should i kept quiet or should i reveal the true 
should i just let the true reveal itself
and let the fool realized how blinded they were for all this while?


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