Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Slingpacking. 'HOW YOU GO O~~~?'

I'd been 'slingpacking' around Sabah during the weekend when i get a day off on Sunday. I never use a backpack when i travel so this term 'backpacking' cannot be apply on me.

So far, i've been to a number of places but my post just keep delaying because i couldn't upload any photo using the stupid broadband.

The photo below took me an hour to upload it here. Gosh!

It's taken by an old Kadazandusun lady when i visited her village....well....on my first week here(shrugging my bian...bad upload speed)

Well, well, talk about travelling. So far, i'd been travelling around Sabah all alone and i have no problem getting from one place to the others by using the public transport here. I just don't understand why peoples always told me it's impossible to do so and how 'NOT SAFE' it was.

A: 'How you go o?'
Me: 'Bus'
A: 'What!!!! Is not safe. I tell you....' (continue telling me crime that happened way back in 2001)

B: 'Where are you going this week?'
Me: 'Rungus longhouse.'
B: 'How you go o?'
Me: 'Bus + Walk'
B: 'Is not safe!!!! I tell you....' (continue telling me the same old grandmother story which A told me about)

but what annoyed me the most was this colleague of mine which i previously also mentioned before in my post.....

Well. She's an epic i tell you because i'd been asked tons of question about travelling but nobody ever asked me this question.

Her: 'Can i go with you?'
Me: 'Are you sure? I'm going to really ulu places o~~~'
Her: 'Where o?'
Me: 'Kudat dee Kampung.'
Her: 'Har~~~~Go there do what o?'
Me: 'Go there see the indigenous people play nose flute.'
Her: 'Har~~~~~then need to walk or not?'
Me: 'Of course. Where got people travel without walking?'
Her: 'Then i cannot wear heels liao lo....I can wear heels right????'
Me: '(Trying hard not to laugh). I'll feature your story in my blog if you manage to do so.'
Her: 'Har? eh....then how about next week? Where are you going?
Me: 'Kota Belud.'
Her: 'Is very far lei!!!! Go there do what o?'
Me: 'I want to ride horse and buy cheap handicraft and visit the village that make parang.'
Her: 'Har~~~~but how you go o?'

and one more thing here......

I really really really really hate it when peoples kept asking me

'HOW YOU GO O~~~~?'

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  1. EXACTLY!! i dunno wats wrong wif kids nowadays always think that "travelling" = "free and easy"

    their kind of travelling is like old people travel tour lidat, climb abit walk abit will die ad...

    and the not safe part my parents always apply on me, thus i have to lie to them about many things... haiz...



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