Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here's a brief update of what's been keeping me busy over the pass few weeks 
and i'm just gonna make it really short.

Yeah. Real short.

If i have to go through everything in details, i could have wrote a book. LOL~~ 

So for the meantime, there'll only be photos......

And i bought everything back home.
(Trust me then you're a pig)

And I'm nearly force-marry to a guy by a veteran Murut's Bobohizan.
(Trust me then you're a pig. Double the size.)

And get stung by bees......

And I realized that I really don't have any potential to become one.

What!!!! Laugh what??? Try it then you'll know.....

And confuse the ticket booth lady....

Me: 5 tickets for 'The Child's Eye'. 7.00pm. All kids. Thank you.

Fall off and became Death Fish of the East.

And came back telling everyone I'd climbed Mount. Kinabalu

At last......


And swear that i'll buy a better camera.....

The END!!!


  1. OH MY SHIT, you go see the TVB stars !!!

    Too bad they didnt come to KL. =(

    Waiting for that particular drama now on Astro. >w<



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