Monday, November 29, 2010

Is not the distances you conquer that count, is the peoples you met on your journey.

This week i'm back to the forever boring department.
The biochemistry department. Duh~~~~
This explain why i'm here blogging. 

Anyway, there's still no news regarding when the lecturer will be coming over
and i really really hope they give me a reply as soon as possible.
Since the manager of this company is quite busy and most probably i'll be the one
arranging for their meeting. 
I'll definitely needs to plan ahead before she fly to another state.

The other intern here is just plainly relying on me to do all the proper arrangement.
Guy nowadays~~~
Can't even get his message straight and doesn't even have the guts to speak out.
Is a real shame. I'm really upset by him.

This past few weeks, i'd met quite a number of peoples. 

Peoples that all have a story to tell.
Peoples that all taught me a lesson about life.

The bus driver who asked me this question.

'What is the most important thing in life?'

The deaf teenager who performed for me.

The old Dusun flute maker who taught me about 
the art of listening to music with the heart but not the ear.

The museum man who gave me an insight 
into the life of an archeologist.

The two musicians who worked hard for local music industry.

The local writer who travel a thousand miles to collect local folklore for his book
although he know his book might even not be publish.

so on and on....

I found it hard to put all that i've experienced into words.
Haha....i prefer you to come and experience it yourself. Lol~~~~

Cabut...time out....time to go back to the boring deparment.

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