Friday, November 5, 2010

How to travel back and forth from KK to Monsopiad Cultural Village by public bus?

You flipped through 'N' flyers, google on the internet, read up post after post of the same few lines all abstracted from

You scratched your head and yet you still have no idea how to get your ass there by bus. Fear not. Just read this post and it'll save you from signing yourself up for a tour package that'll cost you around Rm180-Rm200 or being 'chop' by taxi.

Well, this was the information provided on sabah tourism website.

Two things to be correct here, underline in red.

'Minibus' should be corrected to 'Van' or 'Minivan'
'Fare is Rm1.00' should be corrected to 'Fare is Rm1.80'

First thing first.

1) Go to the bus terminal in front of Wawasan Plaza.
2) Get a 'minivan' to Donggongon town for Rm2.0

Donggongon town bus terminal
3) After you reach Donggongon bus terminal. Proceed behind and look for this.
Van to Monsopiad Cultural Village
4) Get your ass inside and wait until it's full.

For me, i informed the driver that i'm following his car and went off to check out the nearby Tamu.

Tamu Donggongon

My breakfast. Kuih Cincin. Rm0.7 each and i bought the newspaper to get rid of boredom in waiting time gap. Rm0.6. Cheap Cheap.

5) Informed the driver or spot for this gate yourself. Just press the bell and it'll stop. Is just right next to the road.
Yeah.....both of them were my age.
How to go back?

1) Coming out from Monsopiad Cultural Village. Turn left from the main gate and you'll see the bus stop.

Just walk right up and wait until you spotted any van. For my case, i was reading my newspaper while waiting and the 'minibus' that passed by just honked at me and asked me to get up.

2) You'll find yourself in Donggongon Terminal Bus after this. Fare = Rm1.8

The final total for transport expenses to and from Kota Kinabalu to Monsopiad Cultural Village = RM7.6

Now, say thank you because i just helped you save up to Rm150++


  1. I went to Donggongan last summer...Enjoy watching world cup between Germany and I forgot the other team...Hoping to stop by at Sabah agi before flying back to Kuching...

  2. bravo!!! bravo!!! (clap clap clap)

  3. Wow...your writing has humour sense, I like that. =D

  4. Helpful tips! Very informative and sure won't get lost



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