Friday, November 12, 2010


Thank to some freaky old woman who have no sense of time. I am now awake and cannot fall back to sleep again. Alright then, i'll try to update my blog then but.......

seriously the only thing the kept circling around in my head now is

Go to sleep.....

Go to sleep.....

Go to sleep.....

Go to sleep.....




So i guess, maybe 陣内智則 might help me.....

But~~~~ Hmmp.....

I laugh too much. I couldn't fall back to sleep. Anyway, if you are just like me now and is reading this now. Great then. You are going to learn some Japanese. I never wrote anything like this before in my blog. Well, at least not at here.

You see. I'm really awake now. Whose on earth will think of teaching Japanese when he/she can't fall asleep at night?

I'm going to teach you how to say 'I want' and 'I don't want' to do something.
You will find this useful when you want to accept or reject an offer from someone.

To say 'I want' (Note: this is only use when you want to do something)

Just add 'shitai' したい behind every action.

For example, this is what i want to do and i'll say

旅したい            ryooko shitai         I want to travel.

勉強したい  benkyou shitai       I want to study.

結婚したい  kekkon shitai        I want to marry.

自殺したい        jisatsu shitai          I want to commit suicide.

O.O okay....the last example is a very bad one. Act as if you didn't see it.

Example of phrases.....

私 わ 旅したい え 日本です。

I want to go travel to Japan.

私 わ 自殺したい え 日本です。
I believe you can translate this yourself. If you got it. Then you are damn smart.

Okay. Now i'll teach you how to say 'I dont want' by just simply add 'kunai' to behind the 'shitai' so it'll become 'shitakunai' したくない


just say 'shinai' しない. Is acceptable among friend. Add 'desu' ですto sound polite if you want but for me i never use that. LOL....~~~~

so example as follow.

勉強したくない I don't want study.

結婚しない I don't want marry.

SEX したくない I don't want SEX.

Lol....another bad example.....

Alright. Now you've learned. I got some bonus for girl.

Here it is...

When you hear a guy asking you.

'Kare iruno' ’彼いるの’

He's asking you. 'Do you have a boyfriend?'

and  just reply.....

おちんちん わ なん センチ
Ochinchin wa nan senchi.  

* Use at your own risk.

or this

Anata no koto ga shinyou dekinai.

I can't trust you.


もうかなり 長い 間恋愛からざかっている
Mou kanari nagai aida renai kara touzakatte iru.

also use at your own risk. LOL.....

Outta here. おやすみなさい。

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