Monday, October 18, 2010

A week well spent


Lucky star was shining brightly over my colleague given the name Christ. Is lunch hour time and he was spotted flying across the road. 

So, once again I was called to replaced him for his task. Heh...heh...heh....

Sorry to say this, Christ. BUT THANK TO YOU~~~I GET TO GO TO TUARAN.....WAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~~

Tuaran is a very small town. If you are there remember to try out the Tuaran Mee. It tasted good. 

I also went to Mengattal. A town smaller than Tuaran and lot of wooden shoplets. I saw a Tamu but i have no time to check it out.

Lost my way on the way back to Penampang and i found myself at UMS. Lot of fresh graduates were taking photos and it remind me of my sister. She must be looking like this now.

I saw Sabah Foundation Building and a beach on my way back. By the time i reached the lab, it is already 4pm. As usual i carried out my routine works and went back at 5.30pm.


Cant recall what i've did on this day beside going to Damai for lunch. Ah Hao brought me there to eat Roti. =___=

Ah Hao: 'Famous one ar~~~i tell you~~~Must try~~~~'
Me: 'Roti also got famous de mei.'
Ah Hao:'This different one~~~~In Astro dee....'
Me: 'O~~~' 

Tauke: 'Rm5.2'
Me:'Eat roti also want this much?'
Ah Hao: 'Is like this de lar~~~~Eat. Eat. Eat.'


Cant recall what i've did also but i do remember today is the first day i have lunch all by myself because my one and only friend said he has something to do. 
Nasi Pataya with big smiley face. Cheer me up....


I start snaking around in lab. Took phone and message my friend because i was too free.


Boss out. Snake hour~~~~
Everyone ate inside the lab. Potato chips~~~Twisties~~~~Nescafe~~~

Boss back. Pretend to be busy~~~

I got my result for last semester and decided to have ice for lunch so Ah Hao scratch his head and brought me to YoYo. At there i saw RED.....Lol....

I have chicken rice for lunch + this....forgot the name....but it taste good.

Ah Hao: 'Famous one ar....i tell you....must try...'

My industrial training advisor finally contact me and he told me Utar is going to send one lecturer over here to check us out.


Boss asked me why am i late than usual for today. 

'!#%#@$%@^$^!%#@ you.....i'm not late only 8.30pm.....screw you.'

If only i can said that.

I was so damn bored in the morning because i got nothing to do. My sifu allowed me to do the control. A bit surprised actually. 

Initially i planned to go for island hopping but decided to cancel the plan since the weather was so damn hot and is not worth the money since half the day had already gone.

Ah Hao brought me to Penampang for lunch.

Ah Hao: ' Famous one ar.....this chicken rice...must try...'
Me: 'O~~~'


Got up at 7am to wash my clothes. Decided to go island hopping but i canceled the plan for kids.

So i went to the observatory tower in KK town and ate my breakfast with the house owner.
Beauford Mee~~~~Yay~~~Rm6 per plate...So expensive....~~~

Beaufort Mee

I have nothing to do for the whole noon so i played my flute and torture the owner's ears for 4 hours. I got tired of playing flute and i lied on my bed with nothing to do until 4pm.

Then goes babysitting '半身熟的番薯' (according to Jarod) for the next 2 hours. I took them to nearby pet shop and bought them ice cream. 

Kid A: '姐姐,你是不是护士?’
Kid B: 那你是做什么的?’
Me: ‘你说呢?’
Kid C: '你是护士。'
Me: '我如果是护士,很多病人就会死得不明不白咯~~~‘'
Kid D: '那你是什么?'
Me: '我是人'
Kid A: '快点讲啦,姐姐你是做什么的?'
Me: '讲了怕会吓死你'
Kid A: '不怕不怕快点讲啦~~'
Me: '我是跟死人画妆的'

You should have seen their faces.......Laugh die me....

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