Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sabah - The journey here

I've been moving up and down, right and left all over Semenanjung Malaysia so moving to Sabah doesn't add any spice to my life but just 'N' troubles.

On the day of my departure to Sabah, a little incident happened before i even reach the airport. I was so helpless and terrified that i made 'N' calls to whomever i thought might be of help. In fact, no one could help me and even if they did, they'll have to travel like a 100km or more before their helping hands could have reach me.

I was sitting by the roadside for like 30minutes, thinking hard trying to figure out a solution before a taxi driver who happened to passed by, saw me and offered me his help. If he didn't showed up, i really wonder where i'll be now.

So, this little incident here delayed my plan but i was still able to make it to the airport on the same day. This was the first time i heard my name being broadcasted all over LCCT. While i finally reached the gate, the staffs there were like

'Ah...Jong. Finally.'

For a second, i thought there were going to whack me but they just smile and handed over my ticket.

Oh my god, how nice of them~~!!!! I'm going to write you guys a testimonial(Say say only).

To my surprised, this was the plane i'll be boarding to Sabah.

Not the usual red, this time i have a 'Bank Rakyat A320' to fly me to my next home.

I got an aisle seat this time. This is just too bad!!! I was hoping for a window seat. I still remember my last flight from KUL to KK, i got myself a window seat and when the captain announced that we'll be arriving soon. I looked out the window and saw the magnificent view of Mount. Kinabalu and islands. It was the most beautiful view i'd seen from the sky and i wants to see it again but talk about luck....i don't have much of it.....

So, i'm stuck on my aisle seat with no magazine to read. Yeah, the passenger before me must had removed it and i called out to the stewardess. She brought over a new one for me. Yay....As usual, i'll be scanning for Captain Lim's article. While i'm halfway reading about ETOPS(engine turn off, passengers swim), the only steward suddenly announced that they'll be playing a game. I've been travelling with AK for so long and i'd never heard such an annouchment before. I though i heard wrongly. Curious to find out, i stuck my head out and bumped right on the butt of a stewardess who happened to pass by. Luckily, no one saw this happened except for the steward standing right in the middle of the aisle. I felt sorry for her butt and more sorry for my head.

The game was simple. Just answer the question and be fast enough to press the call-button before anyone else does. Of course, make sure your answer is correct and you'll be rewarded with a price. Is a good idea to have a game on a flight. It cheered up my mood. I wonder is AK practicing this on every flight now.

Touched down Sabah land before the sun set. I couldn't wait to get down. While opening the luggage component, my flute fell off and hit hard on a men head. He was not that pleased and so was i because his head broke my flute into half and now i have to secure it in a piece by sticking it up with glue.

Anyway, with much unwillingness yet still i'm here. Quietly i said to myself.....

'Sabah. どうぞよろしくね~~~   '

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