Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The first weekend in KK....of course must go out lar~~~

After one week of training, I finally got some free time to roam around KK. Yahoo~~~!!!

My first destination is of course ‘Sabah Museum’ since it was located just right in front of my lab. If you are new to a place and didn’t know what to expect here then a museum is probably the best place to gather information about the town history, culture and whatsoever related to the local. You’ll get an idea of what to look out for though it might be boring for some.

So here I was…once again greeted by a long uphill road.

I felt so welcome lo~~~

It took me about 5 minutes time to reach the gate. The architecture of the building was inspired by traditional buildings and costumes. Nice or not? 

Anyway, I was quite surprised when the lady at the ticket counter told me ‘Free’ and I stared back at here with wide open eyes and she repeated again ‘For student. Is free.’

Hehehe...Now…always remember to bring along your student card….even if you don’t have one you can always try to borrow one. Lol…

No photo was allowed inside the museum.

They didn’t mention the word ‘strictly’ so I guess is okay to snap a few lo….

Below are photos I curi-curi snap at the corner (actually there’s no need to hide).

Upon entering, I was greeted by this big whale without flesh.

A few kids were screaming ‘Papa~~~!!! Dinosaur~~~dinosaur~~~!!!!’

And the father replied….…..

‘Ya….dinosaur besar ni~~~’

=____=|||| (Yalo sir, next time when your kids saw a whale they’ll be screaming ‘Dinosaur!!! Dinosaur!!!’)

There’s a booklet telling the story of this whale. I flipped through it and it said this was one of the largest whale discovered so far in Malaysia. Largest o~~~ none of my business anyway. As usual I checked out the directory of the museum and went to the archaeology exhibits.

I wanted to know where I can go and dig up some treasure and sell it for a million.

Sadly, they didn’t specific where those areas were located. From what I’d seen on the map, they are mainly situated inside a cave, ulu-ulu places, beaches and islands.

Anyway, I found a piece of information which was something new for me.

My conclusion after reading that was...

Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia indigenous peoples all evolved from the same monkey…. ‘

Professor Shit should be very happy to have a smart student like me.

No lah just kidding. Actually I’m thinking since Sundaland was connected to the mainland of many countries now such as China, Thailand, and etc. There’s a possibility that the peoples here might have migrated from those places by foot.  

After roaming around this area, I came to a place which was pretty interesting….well see for yourself and try to guess what that is…

They never know the true identity of the person lying inside. Archeologist suggested these are the coffins of the Kadazandusun ancestor, dated back to the 65th ancestor.   Actually there’re two coffins. The security was eyeing me. So I couldn’t take photo of the second coffin. 

Ong Sum Ping is the name of his grandpa (remind me of Ong Sum Ping road in Brunei) while i’ve forgotten the name of his father and mother but I do remember that this person mother was a Chinese princess. No wonder the Kadazan looks so much like a Chinese and I think their culture is a bit similar to one of the Taiwan indigenous peoples, the Atayal or whatsoever…forgotten the name also.  

Hmmp….i guess a 'Genetic Distance Analysis' might be able to track this down by comparing the gene frequency of both ethnics.

Moving out of here, I went upstair to check out the ceramics section where I spotted this big jar here.

Guess what it is for?

Water storage like the Chinese did???


Is for burial purpose….

We got a whole room of it here…..



Nope. Anyway, a  funny fact here. The Kadazandusun used this jar as the final resting place for the death one whereas the Murut people used this jar during their wedding and sipped ‘tapai’ from it.

Moving on, I spotted this interesting ‘Kamcheng pot’. Heard of it before???

At here it said that the Kamcheng pot was used as a container for cooked rice. From what I knew, it serves more than just that. The BabaNyoya used it during their wedding and put ‘TangYuan’ inside it because kamcheng signified ‘感情’.

Next up, I saw this 200 years old chinese plate.

See...the instrument I played is over 200 hundred years old…Lalalala…

Going back down again, I checked out the wildlife section where you can see preserved crocodile, birds, bugs, green neck turtle, lizards, nocturnal animals, proboscis monkey(Yay~~!!! I saw a proboscis monkey~~~but is not moving at all) and etc. I prefer watching them in motion so I didn’t spent much time here.

There’s a section telling the history of Sabah. What happened during the bombing of the city back in World War 2? Jesselton town(KK town now) under the Japanese and British. The warriors of Sabah(Si pejuang merdeka dan Si penentang-penentang yang kao orang baca kat Sejarah text book lar). Bla bla bla history which had been retold for ‘N’ times in any museum you can find in Malaysia.

And finally, the last thing that caught my eyes…..

Old newspaper…..Wanna have some laugh???

Just read the advertisement part and ignore the rest.

That’s the end of my tour inside the main building of the museum. They are currently having a renovation at the 5th floor so is quite dusty. Do pay their ‘Class A’ washroom a visit and refresh yourself.

If you are thirsty, there’s a place for you to refill your water bottle right behind the ticket counter.

I was so damn happy when I saw it….

But…sorry lo…they have ‘Class A’ washroom but ‘Class F’ water refilling station.
Make me felt like running a water purification test on it.

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