Thursday, October 21, 2010


A lot to share but i just couldn't find the right word for it. If you want me to describe what i felt now, i'll definitely relate it to the DNA replication mechanism.

All my informations were now similar to the lagging strands and are all waiting for the DNA ligase to seal up the gap before they're able to become a piece. 

If you want to know what i'm up to. Well, currently i'm a happy freak who been turning up too much at Sabah Tourism Board until the receptionist was so afraid of seeing my face that they are putting up poster with my face on it, stamped 'Not Wanted'. 

There's always an alternative way so i start emailing them. Lol~~~~

I'm documenting on Sabahan Bamboo Instruments. This coming weekend i'm going up to Kudat. Gotta go check out the nose flute there. Maybe i'll brought them back as souvenir.... i'm grounded at the current moment because the house owner said is not safe for a young lady to roam around Sabah all alone. whose coming with me? 



  1. Kudat I went before. visit the tip of borneo. must!

  2. No people take me there. Bus is not accessible...

  3. u asked Illu, if he got plan to bring his gf go maybe u can tumpang.

  4. Wa~~~ want me go do light bulb?



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