Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm a lazy blogger.

I've been sitting here staring at my laptop screen for hours and i still couldn't blog about anything at all.

My brain is telling me, 'Write this!' while my heart is telling me, 'No. You should write about that first.'

In the end, i decided to wrote crap here since i'm having a hard time deciding among which tale to tell here.

It really send chills down my spine when i opened that email and saw the first few lines that read....

'Hey. Jong. Please do update your blog more frequently.........'


and while msn with friend.....

A:' put so big 'To be continue' but you never did.'
Me:'Got miek....'
Me:'I totally forgot.'

B:'Where's our Taiping trip post you promised to write?'
Me:'Got miek....'
B:'In January.'

C:'Hey, why you stopped blogging about your Taipei trip?'
Me:'Cuz i'm working on Sabah'
C:'But i want to read.'
C:'Your Perak also half way only.'
Me:'Yalor hor.'

and in twitter....

@gyeejong Where is your industrial training log?


and i'm still lazying around.......


  1. wahahahahaha....

    Don't accumulate too much! you won't know what to write already. hahaha.. like me.

  2. Hahahahahaha... i see some similarity btw us... my langkawi trip also 'kambing kambing'... hahaha... nvm lah its your own blog, write whenever you feel like writing, if feel forced, will lost the interest one leh ;)



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