Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm black black dee.....?

If you access to facebook lately, i bet you'll probably notice a cartoon image colonizing the profile picture of nearly every friends of your.

Yeah. I'm talking about this thing call 'D tag one D.I.Y.'

and this is my sister trying to convince me to use it for my profile picture......


y don wan use tat pic

wat pic
= =?

i diy de u la

yi yer
ugly dao

so same u leh
tat hat

me frenz jestrine de more nice
you use pic diy de?

tat black
u like ma
u say u wan black black
black la~

= = when did i say that?

i put u use camera lagi

= =

farmville lo

so liu gai me ar
= =
farmville different

i put u wear like tat ar
also ur style~
u go try make 1 la
press tat dtac one diy ok le

= =
what make you think i
will play that

cause u say me make u no leng ma
u go make urself 1 la
i c which 1 more same u
the hat is u de
so gam - -

My sister DIY の me....

My friend DIY の me

And i notice 4 things in common.

The same hat, Tee, Camera and Heels.......

Hmmp.....does it look like me? What say you?

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