Monday, October 4, 2010 sit inside the office all the time izzit?

Okay, so before coming to Sabah i called my company and asked for the exact location of the lab. Then there was this lady, i donno who she is but let's just called her 'Noob' for the meantime. This 'noob' told me that the lab was located opposite the Hospital Queen Elizabeth and by just walking i can reach the lab. Then she told me it is not accessible by bus and she also told me that there is no room for rent nearby the lab.

No room for rent nearby the lab huh??


You better tell me what this read....=___=|||

and there're more

She should have told me that the lab was just in front of the entrance to Muzium Sabah and is not opposite but beside Hospital Queen Elizabeth. My precious times are all killed by this wrong info i received. I even went roaming inside the hospital trying to locate the lab but no one seems to know where it is.

To add spice to all these, actually there's a big big bus stand just right next to it. Not accessible by bus ar....Logically it should be able to since the hospital is just nearby this area. There must be bus going to the hospital right?

They should have a map......I wonder how many potential customers they've lost due to this....

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