Saturday, October 9, 2010

6th day at work

Finally, is the end of first week. Yipee~~~!!!!!

Today i'm super free.....and i went to observe how they draw blood from patient. Once again, Ah Hao's Sifu asked me

'You want to try?'

'No. Not yet.' i replied.

'Don't worry. We have a lot of specimens here.' (pointing out to those patients waiting for their turn to draw blood)


Work hours from 8.30am in the morning to 12pm. The specimens from local clinics only arrived at 12pm but i already escaped to Muzium Sabah right after 12pm.

I saw a thyroid gland today. Very heavy and super gross. Once again, my sifu appeared behind me and said,

'Yvonne~~~~I need you to track these specimens and give them back to me once you are done.'


Every time also like this.....=___= sei robot....

Today, i manage to finish all the daily maintenance for both Ci8200 all by myself. As for the control, is too complicated. I only manage to prepare the reagents needed for the control but i'm still not able to calibrate it properly with the computer. My boss told me they needs 3 months time to master the Ci8200 while some needs about 6 months. So, no rush here. Ok lo....since you said so....

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