Friday, October 8, 2010

5th day at work

I decided to like Jenny because she allowed me to play with the uterus sample. This is the first time i hold an organ on my hand which is suppose to be inside a human body. The sample was from a woman with cyst growing inside her uterus. I wanted to take some photo but she told me they will do it after the sample was digested. photo to show you guy but i found one from the web.

It look something like this. This picture shows here doesn't have the cyst. Just the uterus and ovarian.
The uterus is about the size of my palm and it felt hard when i pressed on it but the cyst was soft and it gave me a spongy feeling. I can see mini blood vessels on the cyst too.

Beside the uterus, this patient ovarians were both cut off as well. Urggh......i wonder what it's like to see your own uterus and ovarian hanging outside your body and being sliced into half, longitudinally and cross-linkedly.

Another histo sample we have for today is the human appendix. I was studying the specimen with full concentration when suddenly my sifu stood behind me and said, 'Still observing ar....???'

Opps....kena tangkap i snake at other department quickly i went back to my very own 'interesting' biochemistry department and went back to centrifuge the remaining samples.

Since i got nothing better else to do, my sifu suddenly came up with a wicked task to torture my hands.

'Prepare control reagents for a month '


'Don't forgot to write down today date ar~~~~and remember i want it frozen ar~~~~'

=____=  sei Robot...~~~

I snake a while only mar....need like this mei~~~~

Both of my hands were so damn freaking tired after that and now my shoulder is also aching like what.  Haizzz.....

Today, Ah Hao brought me to eat laksa. Initially we want to eat chicken rice but since we couldn't locate the shop so we just cincai choose one stall and gau dim our lunch....
Nah....Sabah's Curry Laksa. My first time eating Sabah Laksa.

According to Ah Hao, Sabah's laksa contains a lot of Coconut milk but i only tasted spice~~~~ Talk about spice, Sabah chilly is the number one spiciest i've tasted so far in all kopitiam i ever dined in.

They used metal cup weird gei~~~

Back to my curry laksa. They put fish instead of chicken here and according to the boss, she said the fish she used for her curry is very expensive.

Boss: 'Good one ar~~~i tell you....need Rm20 a kg one ar~~~~'

Say until like this i asked

Me: 'What is the fish name?'

Boss: 'Is called 七星斑鱼'.

Me:' O~~~' (Actually i have no idea what sort of fish it is, i only google for its look now.)

Ah Hao was making funny faces over the boss reply when the boss suddenly throw another question at me.

Boss:'Where are you from?'
Me: 'Sarawak'
Boss: 'O~~~There's a girl from Sarawak who loves to eat my laksa. If she was in Sabah she will come dapao  my laksa everyday.'
Me: 'O~~~~.' (Yamei~~~)

Cei~~~talk so much craps...

Now let me tell the price of that bowl of laksa....Rm6.2

So damn cheap o~~~~

Today lunch in total = Rm7.2

Sabah~~~Sabah~~~ I'll be damn slim after three months here i guess.


  1. so sarcastic oooo. hehehe. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. ^___^ thank you very much~~~



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