Thursday, October 7, 2010

4th day of work

Due to terrible digi broadband connection after 7pm, i couldn't upload any photo here today.

Didn't have a good night sleep yesterday because i was worry for my own safety. Stayed up whole night in my bed holding my handphone and watching the window. =___= you could have imagine my tired face at work.

Today, my sifu asked me to perform the maintenance for the VIM(very important machine) and run control test on it. Prepare cleaning solutions which included a varieties of types for different purposes and functions. 
Slowly, i'm able to memorized almost 80% of the solution needed for the maintenance and control but i'm still having problem dealing with the computer. 

My another mini sifu wanted to teach me how to draw blood today but i'm afraid i might poke the patient at the wrong place and instead of going for the veins i go for the nerve, then i die gao i just stood there and watch. All the while, the patient just kept looking at me. I guess she must be thinking, 

'So young. Got skill de bo. Lucky not you draw ar~~~ If not i die ar~~~'

Talk about die, i really think is not easy working in a path lab. You gotta be real careful with the samples because you don't know what sort of virus, bacteria, whatsoever it contains. Today, i did jor two. One with HIV and 5 with Hepatics. Felt so reluctant to eat before bath....

Today is a busy day because of the morning campaign, we brought in a lot of samples from the secondary school and Sabah dialysis center. So, i'd been working non-stop since morning. If got stop also for a short while. Then start busy again but we're still able to finish all work by 5.30pm.

Dinner tonight was the famous Sabah Kolomee, Rm6 per bowl and Hakka taufu + a very weird vege of which i don't know the name of it. Photo will be uploaded soon.

I wish for a good night sleep today. Yawn.....but i still want to do research on sabah...ngek ngek ngek....


  1. " Felt so reluctant to eat before bath...."


  2. Yalor....

    I don't want to die young so i kept changing my gloves.



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