Monday, October 4, 2010

1st day at work

Arrive at 7.48am and stood in front of the reception desk waiting for my turn to report myself.

I was then send inside the lab where an old lady introduced herself to me. 
I forgot her name right after the handshaking.

Another lady then gave me two bundles of lab manual, one with the title 'Hematology test' and the other one 'Urinalysis Manual' and asked me to read it just to kill my times. 

After flicking through 4-5 pages i got bored with it and started looking for pictures only. 

By the time Ah Hao arrived, the boss explained to us about the work flows and showed us around the company. At the same time, she also introduced the peoples there which i already forgot majority of theirs name.

Then, she told us that we'll be working from Monday to Saturday and by November, we'll have to work on Sunday as well. Everyday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. She really know how to make full use of my times ar~~~ How to explore Sabah???? Go die lar....

Then she asked us, 'You'll be here for three months right?'
And immediately i told her. 'Yes, we'll be here until Christmas Eve'
and she said, 'Oh~~~ Really? I tot it was Oct 31.' 
Me: 'Nope, is Christmas Eve.'
She: 'Alright.'

After the basic introduction, i was adopted by a geek named 'Robert', i prefer calling him 'Robot' in this case. This man was really funny. First, he began by teaching me how to operate a machine called 'Cs 8200', then he goes on and on telling me how to do the daily maintenance for the machine which requires me to operate on a touch screen computer.
'You press this button, then this button, then you select this, this, this and this, then you go to the machine, we call this the mother, and this the father, then you check see if there's any leakage here. Touch it and 'FEEL~~~' for any liquid, if there's none, go back to the computer and we press this, this, release it, then this, this and this, then you go on to the next step. We select all, then press this, this, this one no need press, this, this and this......bla bla bla bla bla bla......'

Seriously, i'll needs 10 brains to remember all that.

Then after finishing telling me all this and that, he taught me how to prepare solution. You add in 45ml of clorox and then you add in 5ml of ICT solution. Do you know why do we need to add in this?

' prevent fungus growing?'
'Yes. Is correct and you see all this botol here. If you want to know why we add this and that just read the instruction label there.'

Then he gave me a manual and asked me to read. I just sat there and read. Then come another guy. This Kadazan man saw that i was damn bored and he asked me to put on my glove.

and....the next thing i found myself doing was....'Pouring and labeling serum.' 

Pour and pour and pour....label and label and label........

Then i got bored again and Robot came and taught me how to do the centrifugation for the blood sample.

I repeat doing all that until 5.30pm. 

Both of us just can't wait to get out.....

The boss asked me.' How was your first day at work? It is tiring?'


I also don't know how to answer her that.....


  1. Hahaha. Where are you working in? How come sounds like you're dealing with tissue culture stuff? =)

  2. Pathology Lab....if can deal with tissue syok....but no cytology department at me lab....

    So only send tissues samples to other lab nia...See human tissues got....culture chance...haha

    Day day pour serum = =



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