Saturday, October 30, 2010


After coming back from Tanjung Aru beach last Sunday, i went to survey the food corners around Foh San(where i stay!) and i saw this.........

I couldn't read the first two words but i do know the remaining 4 which read 'Fa Choi Coffee'.

Now that's something interesting. I will try that out when i have the time....hmmp...maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm black black dee.....?

If you access to facebook lately, i bet you'll probably notice a cartoon image colonizing the profile picture of nearly every friends of your.

Yeah. I'm talking about this thing call 'D tag one D.I.Y.'

and this is my sister trying to convince me to use it for my profile picture......


y don wan use tat pic

wat pic
= =?

i diy de u la

yi yer
ugly dao

so same u leh
tat hat

me frenz jestrine de more nice
you use pic diy de?

tat black
u like ma
u say u wan black black
black la~

= = when did i say that?

i put u use camera lagi

= =

farmville lo

so liu gai me ar
= =
farmville different

i put u wear like tat ar
also ur style~
u go try make 1 la
press tat dtac one diy ok le

= =
what make you think i
will play that

cause u say me make u no leng ma
u go make urself 1 la
i c which 1 more same u
the hat is u de
so gam - -

My sister DIY の me....

My friend DIY の me

And i notice 4 things in common.

The same hat, Tee, Camera and Heels.......

Hmmp.....does it look like me? What say you?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm a lazy blogger.

I've been sitting here staring at my laptop screen for hours and i still couldn't blog about anything at all.

My brain is telling me, 'Write this!' while my heart is telling me, 'No. You should write about that first.'

In the end, i decided to wrote crap here since i'm having a hard time deciding among which tale to tell here.

It really send chills down my spine when i opened that email and saw the first few lines that read....

'Hey. Jong. Please do update your blog more frequently.........'


and while msn with friend.....

A:' put so big 'To be continue' but you never did.'
Me:'Got miek....'
Me:'I totally forgot.'

B:'Where's our Taiping trip post you promised to write?'
Me:'Got miek....'
B:'In January.'

C:'Hey, why you stopped blogging about your Taipei trip?'
Me:'Cuz i'm working on Sabah'
C:'But i want to read.'
C:'Your Perak also half way only.'
Me:'Yalor hor.'

and in twitter....

@gyeejong Where is your industrial training log?


and i'm still lazying around.......

Thursday, October 21, 2010


A lot to share but i just couldn't find the right word for it. If you want me to describe what i felt now, i'll definitely relate it to the DNA replication mechanism.

All my informations were now similar to the lagging strands and are all waiting for the DNA ligase to seal up the gap before they're able to become a piece. 

If you want to know what i'm up to. Well, currently i'm a happy freak who been turning up too much at Sabah Tourism Board until the receptionist was so afraid of seeing my face that they are putting up poster with my face on it, stamped 'Not Wanted'. 

There's always an alternative way so i start emailing them. Lol~~~~

I'm documenting on Sabahan Bamboo Instruments. This coming weekend i'm going up to Kudat. Gotta go check out the nose flute there. Maybe i'll brought them back as souvenir.... i'm grounded at the current moment because the house owner said is not safe for a young lady to roam around Sabah all alone. whose coming with me? 


Monday, October 18, 2010

A week well spent


Lucky star was shining brightly over my colleague given the name Christ. Is lunch hour time and he was spotted flying across the road. 

So, once again I was called to replaced him for his task. Heh...heh...heh....

Sorry to say this, Christ. BUT THANK TO YOU~~~I GET TO GO TO TUARAN.....WAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~~

Tuaran is a very small town. If you are there remember to try out the Tuaran Mee. It tasted good. 

I also went to Mengattal. A town smaller than Tuaran and lot of wooden shoplets. I saw a Tamu but i have no time to check it out.

Lost my way on the way back to Penampang and i found myself at UMS. Lot of fresh graduates were taking photos and it remind me of my sister. She must be looking like this now.

I saw Sabah Foundation Building and a beach on my way back. By the time i reached the lab, it is already 4pm. As usual i carried out my routine works and went back at 5.30pm.


Cant recall what i've did on this day beside going to Damai for lunch. Ah Hao brought me there to eat Roti. =___=

Ah Hao: 'Famous one ar~~~i tell you~~~Must try~~~~'
Me: 'Roti also got famous de mei.'
Ah Hao:'This different one~~~~In Astro dee....'
Me: 'O~~~' 

Tauke: 'Rm5.2'
Me:'Eat roti also want this much?'
Ah Hao: 'Is like this de lar~~~~Eat. Eat. Eat.'


Cant recall what i've did also but i do remember today is the first day i have lunch all by myself because my one and only friend said he has something to do. 
Nasi Pataya with big smiley face. Cheer me up....


I start snaking around in lab. Took phone and message my friend because i was too free.


Boss out. Snake hour~~~~
Everyone ate inside the lab. Potato chips~~~Twisties~~~~Nescafe~~~

Boss back. Pretend to be busy~~~

I got my result for last semester and decided to have ice for lunch so Ah Hao scratch his head and brought me to YoYo. At there i saw RED.....Lol....

I have chicken rice for lunch + this....forgot the name....but it taste good.

Ah Hao: 'Famous one ar....i tell you....must try...'

My industrial training advisor finally contact me and he told me Utar is going to send one lecturer over here to check us out.


Boss asked me why am i late than usual for today. 

'!#%#@$%@^$^!%#@ you.....i'm not late only 8.30pm.....screw you.'

If only i can said that.

I was so damn bored in the morning because i got nothing to do. My sifu allowed me to do the control. A bit surprised actually. 

Initially i planned to go for island hopping but decided to cancel the plan since the weather was so damn hot and is not worth the money since half the day had already gone.

Ah Hao brought me to Penampang for lunch.

Ah Hao: ' Famous one ar.....this chicken rice...must try...'
Me: 'O~~~'


Got up at 7am to wash my clothes. Decided to go island hopping but i canceled the plan for kids.

So i went to the observatory tower in KK town and ate my breakfast with the house owner.
Beauford Mee~~~~Yay~~~Rm6 per plate...So expensive....~~~

Beaufort Mee

I have nothing to do for the whole noon so i played my flute and torture the owner's ears for 4 hours. I got tired of playing flute and i lied on my bed with nothing to do until 4pm.

Then goes babysitting '半身熟的番薯' (according to Jarod) for the next 2 hours. I took them to nearby pet shop and bought them ice cream. 

Kid A: '姐姐,你是不是护士?’
Kid B: 那你是做什么的?’
Me: ‘你说呢?’
Kid C: '你是护士。'
Me: '我如果是护士,很多病人就会死得不明不白咯~~~‘'
Kid D: '那你是什么?'
Me: '我是人'
Kid A: '快点讲啦,姐姐你是做什么的?'
Me: '讲了怕会吓死你'
Kid A: '不怕不怕快点讲啦~~'
Me: '我是跟死人画妆的'

You should have seen their faces.......Laugh die me....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sabah - The journey here

I've been moving up and down, right and left all over Semenanjung Malaysia so moving to Sabah doesn't add any spice to my life but just 'N' troubles.

On the day of my departure to Sabah, a little incident happened before i even reach the airport. I was so helpless and terrified that i made 'N' calls to whomever i thought might be of help. In fact, no one could help me and even if they did, they'll have to travel like a 100km or more before their helping hands could have reach me.

I was sitting by the roadside for like 30minutes, thinking hard trying to figure out a solution before a taxi driver who happened to passed by, saw me and offered me his help. If he didn't showed up, i really wonder where i'll be now.

So, this little incident here delayed my plan but i was still able to make it to the airport on the same day. This was the first time i heard my name being broadcasted all over LCCT. While i finally reached the gate, the staffs there were like

'Ah...Jong. Finally.'

For a second, i thought there were going to whack me but they just smile and handed over my ticket.

Oh my god, how nice of them~~!!!! I'm going to write you guys a testimonial(Say say only).

To my surprised, this was the plane i'll be boarding to Sabah.

Not the usual red, this time i have a 'Bank Rakyat A320' to fly me to my next home.

I got an aisle seat this time. This is just too bad!!! I was hoping for a window seat. I still remember my last flight from KUL to KK, i got myself a window seat and when the captain announced that we'll be arriving soon. I looked out the window and saw the magnificent view of Mount. Kinabalu and islands. It was the most beautiful view i'd seen from the sky and i wants to see it again but talk about luck....i don't have much of it.....

So, i'm stuck on my aisle seat with no magazine to read. Yeah, the passenger before me must had removed it and i called out to the stewardess. She brought over a new one for me. Yay....As usual, i'll be scanning for Captain Lim's article. While i'm halfway reading about ETOPS(engine turn off, passengers swim), the only steward suddenly announced that they'll be playing a game. I've been travelling with AK for so long and i'd never heard such an annouchment before. I though i heard wrongly. Curious to find out, i stuck my head out and bumped right on the butt of a stewardess who happened to pass by. Luckily, no one saw this happened except for the steward standing right in the middle of the aisle. I felt sorry for her butt and more sorry for my head.

The game was simple. Just answer the question and be fast enough to press the call-button before anyone else does. Of course, make sure your answer is correct and you'll be rewarded with a price. Is a good idea to have a game on a flight. It cheered up my mood. I wonder is AK practicing this on every flight now.

Touched down Sabah land before the sun set. I couldn't wait to get down. While opening the luggage component, my flute fell off and hit hard on a men head. He was not that pleased and so was i because his head broke my flute into half and now i have to secure it in a piece by sticking it up with glue.

Anyway, with much unwillingness yet still i'm here. Quietly i said to myself.....

'Sabah. どうぞよろしくね~~~   '

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The first weekend in KK....of course must go out lar~~~

After one week of training, I finally got some free time to roam around KK. Yahoo~~~!!!

My first destination is of course ‘Sabah Museum’ since it was located just right in front of my lab. If you are new to a place and didn’t know what to expect here then a museum is probably the best place to gather information about the town history, culture and whatsoever related to the local. You’ll get an idea of what to look out for though it might be boring for some.

So here I was…once again greeted by a long uphill road.

I felt so welcome lo~~~

It took me about 5 minutes time to reach the gate. The architecture of the building was inspired by traditional buildings and costumes. Nice or not? 

Anyway, I was quite surprised when the lady at the ticket counter told me ‘Free’ and I stared back at here with wide open eyes and she repeated again ‘For student. Is free.’

Hehehe...Now…always remember to bring along your student card….even if you don’t have one you can always try to borrow one. Lol…

No photo was allowed inside the museum.

They didn’t mention the word ‘strictly’ so I guess is okay to snap a few lo….

Below are photos I curi-curi snap at the corner (actually there’s no need to hide).

Upon entering, I was greeted by this big whale without flesh.

A few kids were screaming ‘Papa~~~!!! Dinosaur~~~dinosaur~~~!!!!’

And the father replied….…..

‘Ya….dinosaur besar ni~~~’

=____=|||| (Yalo sir, next time when your kids saw a whale they’ll be screaming ‘Dinosaur!!! Dinosaur!!!’)

There’s a booklet telling the story of this whale. I flipped through it and it said this was one of the largest whale discovered so far in Malaysia. Largest o~~~ none of my business anyway. As usual I checked out the directory of the museum and went to the archaeology exhibits.

I wanted to know where I can go and dig up some treasure and sell it for a million.

Sadly, they didn’t specific where those areas were located. From what I’d seen on the map, they are mainly situated inside a cave, ulu-ulu places, beaches and islands.

Anyway, I found a piece of information which was something new for me.

My conclusion after reading that was...

Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia indigenous peoples all evolved from the same monkey…. ‘

Professor Shit should be very happy to have a smart student like me.

No lah just kidding. Actually I’m thinking since Sundaland was connected to the mainland of many countries now such as China, Thailand, and etc. There’s a possibility that the peoples here might have migrated from those places by foot.  

After roaming around this area, I came to a place which was pretty interesting….well see for yourself and try to guess what that is…

They never know the true identity of the person lying inside. Archeologist suggested these are the coffins of the Kadazandusun ancestor, dated back to the 65th ancestor.   Actually there’re two coffins. The security was eyeing me. So I couldn’t take photo of the second coffin. 

Ong Sum Ping is the name of his grandpa (remind me of Ong Sum Ping road in Brunei) while i’ve forgotten the name of his father and mother but I do remember that this person mother was a Chinese princess. No wonder the Kadazan looks so much like a Chinese and I think their culture is a bit similar to one of the Taiwan indigenous peoples, the Atayal or whatsoever…forgotten the name also.  

Hmmp….i guess a 'Genetic Distance Analysis' might be able to track this down by comparing the gene frequency of both ethnics.

Moving out of here, I went upstair to check out the ceramics section where I spotted this big jar here.

Guess what it is for?

Water storage like the Chinese did???


Is for burial purpose….

We got a whole room of it here…..



Nope. Anyway, a  funny fact here. The Kadazandusun used this jar as the final resting place for the death one whereas the Murut people used this jar during their wedding and sipped ‘tapai’ from it.

Moving on, I spotted this interesting ‘Kamcheng pot’. Heard of it before???

At here it said that the Kamcheng pot was used as a container for cooked rice. From what I knew, it serves more than just that. The BabaNyoya used it during their wedding and put ‘TangYuan’ inside it because kamcheng signified ‘感情’.

Next up, I saw this 200 years old chinese plate.

See...the instrument I played is over 200 hundred years old…Lalalala…

Going back down again, I checked out the wildlife section where you can see preserved crocodile, birds, bugs, green neck turtle, lizards, nocturnal animals, proboscis monkey(Yay~~!!! I saw a proboscis monkey~~~but is not moving at all) and etc. I prefer watching them in motion so I didn’t spent much time here.

There’s a section telling the history of Sabah. What happened during the bombing of the city back in World War 2? Jesselton town(KK town now) under the Japanese and British. The warriors of Sabah(Si pejuang merdeka dan Si penentang-penentang yang kao orang baca kat Sejarah text book lar). Bla bla bla history which had been retold for ‘N’ times in any museum you can find in Malaysia.

And finally, the last thing that caught my eyes…..

Old newspaper…..Wanna have some laugh???

Just read the advertisement part and ignore the rest.

That’s the end of my tour inside the main building of the museum. They are currently having a renovation at the 5th floor so is quite dusty. Do pay their ‘Class A’ washroom a visit and refresh yourself.

If you are thirsty, there’s a place for you to refill your water bottle right behind the ticket counter.

I was so damn happy when I saw it….

But…sorry lo…they have ‘Class A’ washroom but ‘Class F’ water refilling station.
Make me felt like running a water purification test on it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

6th day at work

Finally, is the end of first week. Yipee~~~!!!!!

Today i'm super free.....and i went to observe how they draw blood from patient. Once again, Ah Hao's Sifu asked me

'You want to try?'

'No. Not yet.' i replied.

'Don't worry. We have a lot of specimens here.' (pointing out to those patients waiting for their turn to draw blood)


Work hours from 8.30am in the morning to 12pm. The specimens from local clinics only arrived at 12pm but i already escaped to Muzium Sabah right after 12pm.

I saw a thyroid gland today. Very heavy and super gross. Once again, my sifu appeared behind me and said,

'Yvonne~~~~I need you to track these specimens and give them back to me once you are done.'


Every time also like this.....=___= sei robot....

Today, i manage to finish all the daily maintenance for both Ci8200 all by myself. As for the control, is too complicated. I only manage to prepare the reagents needed for the control but i'm still not able to calibrate it properly with the computer. My boss told me they needs 3 months time to master the Ci8200 while some needs about 6 months. So, no rush here. Ok lo....since you said so....

Friday, October 8, 2010

5th day at work

I decided to like Jenny because she allowed me to play with the uterus sample. This is the first time i hold an organ on my hand which is suppose to be inside a human body. The sample was from a woman with cyst growing inside her uterus. I wanted to take some photo but she told me they will do it after the sample was digested. photo to show you guy but i found one from the web.

It look something like this. This picture shows here doesn't have the cyst. Just the uterus and ovarian.
The uterus is about the size of my palm and it felt hard when i pressed on it but the cyst was soft and it gave me a spongy feeling. I can see mini blood vessels on the cyst too.

Beside the uterus, this patient ovarians were both cut off as well. Urggh......i wonder what it's like to see your own uterus and ovarian hanging outside your body and being sliced into half, longitudinally and cross-linkedly.

Another histo sample we have for today is the human appendix. I was studying the specimen with full concentration when suddenly my sifu stood behind me and said, 'Still observing ar....???'

Opps....kena tangkap i snake at other department quickly i went back to my very own 'interesting' biochemistry department and went back to centrifuge the remaining samples.

Since i got nothing better else to do, my sifu suddenly came up with a wicked task to torture my hands.

'Prepare control reagents for a month '


'Don't forgot to write down today date ar~~~~and remember i want it frozen ar~~~~'

=____=  sei Robot...~~~

I snake a while only mar....need like this mei~~~~

Both of my hands were so damn freaking tired after that and now my shoulder is also aching like what.  Haizzz.....

Today, Ah Hao brought me to eat laksa. Initially we want to eat chicken rice but since we couldn't locate the shop so we just cincai choose one stall and gau dim our lunch....
Nah....Sabah's Curry Laksa. My first time eating Sabah Laksa.

According to Ah Hao, Sabah's laksa contains a lot of Coconut milk but i only tasted spice~~~~ Talk about spice, Sabah chilly is the number one spiciest i've tasted so far in all kopitiam i ever dined in.

They used metal cup weird gei~~~

Back to my curry laksa. They put fish instead of chicken here and according to the boss, she said the fish she used for her curry is very expensive.

Boss: 'Good one ar~~~i tell you....need Rm20 a kg one ar~~~~'

Say until like this i asked

Me: 'What is the fish name?'

Boss: 'Is called 七星斑鱼'.

Me:' O~~~' (Actually i have no idea what sort of fish it is, i only google for its look now.)

Ah Hao was making funny faces over the boss reply when the boss suddenly throw another question at me.

Boss:'Where are you from?'
Me: 'Sarawak'
Boss: 'O~~~There's a girl from Sarawak who loves to eat my laksa. If she was in Sabah she will come dapao  my laksa everyday.'
Me: 'O~~~~.' (Yamei~~~)

Cei~~~talk so much craps...

Now let me tell the price of that bowl of laksa....Rm6.2

So damn cheap o~~~~

Today lunch in total = Rm7.2

Sabah~~~Sabah~~~ I'll be damn slim after three months here i guess.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

4th day of work

Due to terrible digi broadband connection after 7pm, i couldn't upload any photo here today.

Didn't have a good night sleep yesterday because i was worry for my own safety. Stayed up whole night in my bed holding my handphone and watching the window. =___= you could have imagine my tired face at work.

Today, my sifu asked me to perform the maintenance for the VIM(very important machine) and run control test on it. Prepare cleaning solutions which included a varieties of types for different purposes and functions. 
Slowly, i'm able to memorized almost 80% of the solution needed for the maintenance and control but i'm still having problem dealing with the computer. 

My another mini sifu wanted to teach me how to draw blood today but i'm afraid i might poke the patient at the wrong place and instead of going for the veins i go for the nerve, then i die gao i just stood there and watch. All the while, the patient just kept looking at me. I guess she must be thinking, 

'So young. Got skill de bo. Lucky not you draw ar~~~ If not i die ar~~~'

Talk about die, i really think is not easy working in a path lab. You gotta be real careful with the samples because you don't know what sort of virus, bacteria, whatsoever it contains. Today, i did jor two. One with HIV and 5 with Hepatics. Felt so reluctant to eat before bath....

Today is a busy day because of the morning campaign, we brought in a lot of samples from the secondary school and Sabah dialysis center. So, i'd been working non-stop since morning. If got stop also for a short while. Then start busy again but we're still able to finish all work by 5.30pm.

Dinner tonight was the famous Sabah Kolomee, Rm6 per bowl and Hakka taufu + a very weird vege of which i don't know the name of it. Photo will be uploaded soon.

I wish for a good night sleep today. Yawn.....but i still want to do research on sabah...ngek ngek ngek....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3rd day at work

Two of my colleagues called in for a sick leave and an emergency leave today so ended up, i was called by the boss to replace one of them for his job.

'Pizza hut delivery'~~~~ need sit inside the lab....i'm so happy~~~Lalalala~~~

My sifu was still halfway teaching me how to do the control test for the Ci 8200 machine when suddenly my boss called up for me and Ah Hao. Since Ah Hao was busy doing the blood test for his 48 patients early in the morning, i went with the boss.

My tasks were to deliver all the ready results to the local clinics around KK town and collect new samples from them as well.

Hehehe....and the last task which is pretty much unrelated to my job, i added in myself, not to say it's not is indeed pretty much important....hehehehe

So my plan is to....

'A' my boss to pay for my lunch~~~~

Wakakakaka.....and i succeeded.....

My boss brought me here.....lalalala....

And i ate what my boss recommended.....Hakka delicacies which cost a total of Rm7.


See i'm such a good girl. I know how to save for my boss.

After the lunch, i was brought back to the lab and continues on the same old tasks.


Then another colleague asked me to help her unpack new samples and she taught me how to assign the right code for the test requires to do on it and then i realized some abbreviates they used for the test name were pretty funny.

For example, there's this test called Merdeka 2000, and they used a rifle name as the abbreviate for it; M20.

Is like saying, 'Hey is Merdeka....let's all come and play with the M20....piang~~~piang~~~piang~~~'

From what i'd done, there's quite a lot of sample requesting for malaria and dengue test and also pap smear and cancer marker. Talk about different types of test remind me of a funny case yesterday.

There's this family of 5 and the father wanted to do a paternity test. The reason for doing the test was because he suspected that his kids were not his because their faces look more like a Filipino than a Pakistan. =___= and he is willing to pay Rm5000 for the test. Hmmp...

That's all for today.

Bonus part....

I'd been to Putatan and saw the North-way express railway.
Lok Kawi, Ketiau and Kepayan.

the best part is....
I didn't spent a penny in a day....Wakakakakaka.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2nd day at work

Nothing much for today.

Went keppo at the reception counter and in the end my sifu asked me to unpack all the urine and blood samples. ZzZZzzzzzzz.....

After i'm done with it, i went keppo at the hematology department. Learnt how to do a blood test.


Then kena called back to pour and label serum.

Repeating the same action for a loooooooooooonnggggg time.......


5 minutes later......



Then continue do the same thing and help tracking lost samples, photocopy urgent informations, and

Watch the 'Robot' at work.....


because 'robot' no coi me...

so i go keppo next door people....

The one and only Utarian along with me....
T_T so lucky to have him here.....


Saw a rainbow when i looked out the back door......


A colleague of mine volunteer to send me back home today since she's staying at the same place as me. If only i know her earlier.....

Another day well spent....=__=||| Today lunch Rm6.8 Zzzzzzzzz

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