Thursday, September 2, 2010

Total amount= Rm 4500!!!!!!

I'm worrying sick for my industrial training because i was send to SABAH, Kota Kinabalu. Can you believe it????

Wuahahahahaha....Muahahahahahahaha....What to do now?

I don't have a room yet and i'm left with less than a month times to look for one. =_=|||
Transport is probably another big issue there.
And i still haven't bought my ticket to Sabah, which probably will cost me around Rm300++. Damn it!!!!

On top of all this, the one thing i hate the most is i still have to pay a freaking amount of fees to UTAR......

What the heck~~~!!!!!

Rm1500 for nothing. RM1500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know that some peoples in Sarawak have to work from morning 9am to 12pm midnight for a years time to earn that much?

RM1500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where should i get all those money??? Damn it!!!!

Ticket(Airfares + KTM + Bus + Taxi) Rm350++
Room rental + deposit Rm600++
Kampar stupid room rental Rm300
Others Rm300++

Total amount= Rm 4500!!!!!! much for something that doesn't even worth that amount. Who will spent this much for just an industrial training that you doesn't even get pay for doing all the shit. This is just for the first month and i still haven't included the living expenses over there yet. I'll probably needs around Rm1000++ for every month.

If you ask me for a reason to go there, i couldn't even think of one but if you ask me for a reason to not go there, i can give you a hundred of it!!!!!!!

I hate myself for still needing him and his help at my age. I should be the one in his shoe now and not going the opposite way round. Bullshit!!!!!


  1. ahahaha... cool cool... dont stress up. try to cut cost for daily spending lo, i guess it wont be too costly, for staying...erm... probably can checkout if got some homestay stuff?

    thanks for dropping by my blog anyway...hope u find your way soon :)

  2. Saya pun sakit hati~ room for 3 months near RM1000! Fees..another RM 1000..haizaaaaaa..............ARGH...............

  3. food in sabah is more expensive too

  4. En lo~~~

    Stuff bread lo~~~ Hahahaha



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