Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The mummy.

I felt like a zombie right after my Genetic final paper yesterday. The first time ever in my entire university life that i saw so many students cried in the exam hall. I do hope that everything will be fine. Fingers crossed.

I don't know about you but when i felt very bad about something. I'll tried to do anything that would help cheer up my mood instead of sobbing my heart out. Laughter is always the best medicine. For this time round, i went up to Ipoh and got myself mummified for 2 hours.


My camera is currently taking it annual leave so i have to survive on this lousy hp camera. Anyway, i didn't get to take anymore photo because i'd slept through the whole mummification process. ^____^ I felt much relieve after that......

Tools they used to mummified my body. I hate that seaweed of which they use to scrub on my body because i don't like the smell.

Two weeks more to go. I'll definitely work my best out. Still then. Ciao~~~


  1. wah.. someone become so rich oh....

  2. Hahaha... how's the mummified things goes? Itu slimming? U already looked slim!



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