Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 4,(K): Fuerte Santo Domingo


Did i reach here by bus?


Whoaya.....I'm so surprised~~~!!!

Seem like dumping my travel buddies behind is a correct decision after all. Is impossible for me to reach here on feet if i'm with them all.

I saw lotsa flags right next to the entrance.......
Hill??? Not again~~~ This time i cursed out loud.

Fuerte Santo over 350-year-old++ Dutch fort.
Still halfway. Take a break first.....

Took this photo at the so-called best spot for photography....
Best mei????
I hate tourists....!!!

Wu~~~now only i realized the right way to look at Mount. Guang Ying.

Bear in mind this is a class 1 national historical monument so you'll get to see lotsa 'Penjaga' around this place. They ruined my plan to scrap out the wall and bring back as present.
Upon entering, i checked out the kitchen first. Nothing inside....just some boring stove.....
The prisoner locker. The miniature of Fuerte Santo Domingo.

I wish that i can climb up to the roof top there but i'm not allowed to.
Don't ask me why i took these two photos.....

They placed many patung inside empty rooms to scare tourist and that staircase was leading up to the roof top. You are not allowed to climb up. I tried to sneak up but the lady security saw me and asked me to get back down. Too bad~~~~

On the left..... On the right....

'Prince William' boat~~~??? 'Prins Willem' boat = =||| I really have no idea why the model of this ship was on display here.

Spot the airplane and the moon????

If only i manage to sneak up..... >.< ..... Photobucket
Then i'll stand here and shout loud loud, 'COME CATCH ME LALALALA~~~~'

Haha....i found a nice place for me to scrape off the lah...just kidding.

The last stone gate left standing, The southern gateway.....initially there are 4 gates here.

Anyway, fuerte santo domingo is really won't spent too much time here.....
Taken by a boring skill gei..... = = this before you go......

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