Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 4,(G): Presbyterian Church of Danshui


Checking out Presbyterian Church of Danshui. History here....


I peeked at the front door and saw a priest smiling back at me. You are allow to enter though but i din't because i'm afraid i might do something against their rules just like the last time when i was in Sibu's R.C. Church. My previous encounter at the R.C. church had taught me a good lesson and i remember well enough to not repeat the same mistake. Haha.

A cross at the back of the church.

This is the gateway leading up the church. Quite steep actually. Loving the painting on the window, it looked damn nice from the inside when the light reflected on it.


Oh....and don't forget to check out the artistic corridor in front of this church. You can still see the remains of an old house that was uprooted for the sake of opening up this area so that it catch the eyes of the peoples passing by from the roadside.


1) The wall painted red which is how the old house looked like from the outside.
2) Brick walls it??

Pictures from the old times.....




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