Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 4,(F): haven't pay yet!!!!


Reached Mackay Triangle Garden.

Saw him????


Dr.George Leslie Mackay

I have no idea who the hell he is....not until i reached here.


Even the street was named after him. Mackay Street~~~

Oh well, seem like he's someone who played important roles at here before. Ignoring the fact that i might end up standing outside staring soberly at Foerte Santo Domigo, i went inside to have a look.

I'll just spend a few minutes here.....

Hobe Mackay Hospital or Huwei Clinic

This is what you get to see inside......

Surgical room....bla bla organ(Out of tune)......and lotsa framed up history of Mackay....
No time to read it tot...but there is enough time to do some skimming.


Okay, so this Mackay is a doctor back in 18XX something something. A Canadian. A Cristian. A doctor who provided free medical services to his patients. Hmmp...this kind of doctor doesn't exist anymore.....

More story here....

In the middle of this clinic, i found this.....Coffee house....MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


and i forgotten what I've said to myself before coming in.....


They served me a glass of water while i'm waiting for my order to arrive. Well, i ordered for Mackay's coffee and Mackay's biscuit. Everything Mackay....Yeah~~~

Coffee for NTD 60, biscuit for NTD 25, TOTAL = RM8.5

I would say it tasted good for both coffee and biscuit. Up to expectation.

It was pretty quiet inside here. In fact i'm the only customer....See...Taiwanese, really don't like coffee.

I was sipping my coffee staring up the roof, enjoying the convivial atmosphere when suddenly my phone rang. Yeah, my phone rang.
Wooden roof....It is safe to sit underneath this???

Initially i though it was Raymond, so i picked up and said, '我在淡水,你们在哪里?'

Then, a voice replied, '哇,你跑到淡水去啦~又是一个人哦?'

It was that Taiwanese boy. Talk a bit crap with him and i turned down his offer to tour guide me around. friend??? Think twice about that......

After spending about 15minutes here, i got up and packed, pushed opened the front door and walked out of Huwei Clinic. I was happily checking out Danshui's Presbyterian Church when suddenly i heard a girl voice calling from behind.


Okay, i admit, this was pretty embarrassing......
Dr.George Leslie Mackay once provided free medical services here but you can't find anything for free at here now.

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  1. Taiwan is a safe country to travel around alone without feeling scare. But why rejecting an offer for a free tour guide?



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