Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 4,(E): Grandma's Iron Egg....what is that????

After i filled up my tummy, i went to check out the iron eggs(鐵蛋) just located next door of Ah-Gei shop. According to lonely planet, this is another famous delicacy you must not miss.

Iron egg. What is the first thing that came into your mind???

Egg lo of course or maybe I can substitute iron egg for my softball.

Initially, i though this so called iron egg is sure gonna give me a hard time to chew on but unexpectedly it looked something like this.

Grandma Iron Egg (The most famous of all)

It was black. =_=||| Look more like the marinated egg to me and it tasted like marinated egg too~~~!!! One thing for sure, is not hard at all, chewy i would said......i wonder why they called it Iron Egg.

Want to try it out??? Buy online it here.... hahahahaha.....


Here's the history.....

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