Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 4,(J): From secondary to college and to the university.


Oh well....Tamkang Secondary High School.....I'm here but~~~


My camera start to malfunction. What the heck~~~~
After whacking the poor thing for few seconds, i managed to took two more photos before it went death.


Peeking from the gate

Forgot what the name of this block. The first thing i saw when i got in.

I tell you what, this is a place you guy should not miss if you happen to pass by. Just inform the security at the gate there and you'll be able to go in. Although it is just a school but this place was so well decorated and the surrounding environment was so pretty that i couldn't help comparing it with my former secondary school. Both of them were over a 100 years old but they are nothing in similarity besides the age.

If you want to see more photo, just google this school name or just watch the movie '不能說的秘密'. Another thing is, don't forget to check out Dr.Mackay. He is sleeping inside here. After storming around for a few minutes (angry because of the stupid camera), i realized i don't have much time left so outta here~~~

The lane leading to Aletheia University

Surprisingly, my camera came back to live after i got out from Tamkang Secondary High School.
What the????
The front gate

Again, just ask the security guard for the permission to visit and off you go....

What i see when i first stepped in.

You don't need to go up this lane because there is nothing up there. I always check out the plan map so i get a brief idea of where to visit first.
Photobucket this big o~~~but mine is bigger....Lalalala~~~

To the left first.....
The Grand Chapel of Aletheia University

Opposite The Grand Chapel is where lies The Oxford College....

Built in year 1882 founded by Dr.Mackay

To the right.....
No more time for this....T_T

Climb up there, at the back is where Dr.Mackay old resident located. Gotta say bye bye anyway.......I got a bus to catch.....

One last glance before leaving Zhenli Street......

= = stupid trees.....

The front gate of the chapel


  1. all look like so western one.. and got many church alike building.

  2. You go google....lagi more nice photo...too bad the camera went death lo...



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