Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If i die young

Saw my friend sharing this in facebook....and i though...Hey~~what a weird name for a song....i clicked on it and wosh....keep

Tot of sharing it here too. Enjoy...

Original cover by The Band Perry

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 4,(K): Fuerte Santo Domingo


Did i reach here by bus?


Whoaya.....I'm so surprised~~~!!!

Seem like dumping my travel buddies behind is a correct decision after all. Is impossible for me to reach here on feet if i'm with them all.

I saw lotsa flags right next to the entrance.......
Hill??? Not again~~~ This time i cursed out loud.

Fuerte Santo over 350-year-old++ Dutch fort.
Still halfway. Take a break first.....

Took this photo at the so-called best spot for photography....
Best mei????
I hate tourists....!!!

Wu~~~now only i realized the right way to look at Mount. Guang Ying.

Bear in mind this is a class 1 national historical monument so you'll get to see lotsa 'Penjaga' around this place. They ruined my plan to scrap out the wall and bring back as present.
Upon entering, i checked out the kitchen first. Nothing inside....just some boring stove.....
The prisoner locker. The miniature of Fuerte Santo Domingo.

I wish that i can climb up to the roof top there but i'm not allowed to.
Don't ask me why i took these two photos.....

They placed many patung inside empty rooms to scare tourist and that staircase was leading up to the roof top. You are not allowed to climb up. I tried to sneak up but the lady security saw me and asked me to get back down. Too bad~~~~

On the left..... On the right....

'Prince William' boat~~~??? 'Prins Willem' boat = =||| I really have no idea why the model of this ship was on display here.

Spot the airplane and the moon????

If only i manage to sneak up..... >.< ..... Photobucket
Then i'll stand here and shout loud loud, 'COME CATCH ME LALALALA~~~~'

Haha....i found a nice place for me to scrape off the lah...just kidding.

The last stone gate left standing, The southern gateway.....initially there are 4 gates here.

Anyway, fuerte santo domingo is really won't spent too much time here.....
Taken by a boring skill gei..... = = this before you go......

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The mummy.

I felt like a zombie right after my Genetic final paper yesterday. The first time ever in my entire university life that i saw so many students cried in the exam hall. I do hope that everything will be fine. Fingers crossed.

I don't know about you but when i felt very bad about something. I'll tried to do anything that would help cheer up my mood instead of sobbing my heart out. Laughter is always the best medicine. For this time round, i went up to Ipoh and got myself mummified for 2 hours.


My camera is currently taking it annual leave so i have to survive on this lousy hp camera. Anyway, i didn't get to take anymore photo because i'd slept through the whole mummification process. ^____^ I felt much relieve after that......

Tools they used to mummified my body. I hate that seaweed of which they use to scrub on my body because i don't like the smell.

Two weeks more to go. I'll definitely work my best out. Still then. Ciao~~~

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 4,(J): From secondary to college and to the university.


Oh well....Tamkang Secondary High School.....I'm here but~~~


My camera start to malfunction. What the heck~~~~
After whacking the poor thing for few seconds, i managed to took two more photos before it went death.


Peeking from the gate

Forgot what the name of this block. The first thing i saw when i got in.

I tell you what, this is a place you guy should not miss if you happen to pass by. Just inform the security at the gate there and you'll be able to go in. Although it is just a school but this place was so well decorated and the surrounding environment was so pretty that i couldn't help comparing it with my former secondary school. Both of them were over a 100 years old but they are nothing in similarity besides the age.

If you want to see more photo, just google this school name or just watch the movie '不能說的秘密'. Another thing is, don't forget to check out Dr.Mackay. He is sleeping inside here. After storming around for a few minutes (angry because of the stupid camera), i realized i don't have much time left so outta here~~~

The lane leading to Aletheia University

Surprisingly, my camera came back to live after i got out from Tamkang Secondary High School.
What the????
The front gate

Again, just ask the security guard for the permission to visit and off you go....

What i see when i first stepped in.

You don't need to go up this lane because there is nothing up there. I always check out the plan map so i get a brief idea of where to visit first.
Photobucket this big o~~~but mine is bigger....Lalalala~~~

To the left first.....
The Grand Chapel of Aletheia University

Opposite The Grand Chapel is where lies The Oxford College....

Built in year 1882 founded by Dr.Mackay

To the right.....
No more time for this....T_T

Climb up there, at the back is where Dr.Mackay old resident located. Gotta say bye bye anyway.......I got a bus to catch.....

One last glance before leaving Zhenli Street......

= = stupid trees.....

The front gate of the chapel

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 4,(I): Little white house.....


The first thing i saw when i enter here......Tourist....Tourist....and more Tourist......
All armed with DSLR.....taking photo in front of the garden. Since there are too many of them, i decided to goes around and look for something interesting but somehow......

Sorry....didn't realized my camera is at ISO mode....


I got bored with this place in less than 8 minutes times because there is nothing interesting and i cannot read most of the information they displayed inside but i do agree this is a good place for taking photo. The garden was beautiful, the architecture was beautiful, the view from the house is great but it just failed to attract me.

A brief history of this place can be found here.....


The small garden in front.....

The backyard where the loo is....see those gate and that door.....nice right?

The building behind the gate was Tamkang High School, the place where Jay Chou filmed the movie '不能說的秘密'. While i was checking at the pillar, a woman in charge of this place spotted my weird behavior and came asking........

Woman: 'Is there anything i can help you with?'
Me: 'Yes. Is this place haunted?'
Woman: ' was isolated for quite sometimes before the government renovated this place and now it is a class 3 historic site $^@%&#^*&@!$^#*^@$%&^*(@^!#!&#^%!&&$@%^*&(@^$^%&@%^%$*^*&@^&%#&%!&%@&
Me: 'Wow. Thank you.' (Actually i was still stuck at class 3 historic....)
Woman: 'Are you alone? Where are you from?'
Me: 'Malaysia. Yes, i'm all by myself.'
Woman: 'Wow. That's far. Come. I have something for you.'
Me: 'Oh. That's great.'

She gave me something that looked like a てるてる坊主......i said thank and she told me to make a wish and hang it.

How lovely was that......

You can see Danshui Fisherman Wharf from here.....


maybe i'll hang it there......


Day 4,(H): Lost in Danshui....


I have no idea how i got myself here but i'm here. I don't know what's the name for this place since there's no english translation there. Seem like it is the place where Dr.Mackay used to lived in before moving to another bigger house few km away.

I'm over 130 years old......treat me nicely girl....!!!

Strictly no enter but i don't care......lalalalala~~~~

No idea what is written on the door.

A boy on bicycle passed by me and i decided to follow his path. Big mistake!!!! because 15minutes down the path i found myself right beside the library. There're some kids in front of the doorway and i asked them for the direction.

They told me to cross over the road and pointed to the road which will lead me to where i want to go. When i focus at the road they were pointing, my jaw dropped few inches down.......

Zhenli Street o~~~what a great name.....ZZZzzzzZZzzzzzz

Next time don't follow leng zai liao.....

I tell you is really steep and it's a narrow-winded road.....

Just when i'm damn tiring i passed by this shop.....

Ah gei again = =|||

What a nice spot to sell food ar~~~~

This place was damn steep....i felt like i'm dying and i have no idea where i'm heading.


Finally, i know where i am but how do i get the hell out of here?


After walking straight for few minutes, i still haven't seen any signboard that tells me the way leading to the little white house. Once again i turn to the local for help.....Ask the local is the best solution to my misery.

Hell no....!!! I'll tell you why.....

My position is at point number 1 that time and the aunty told me to use the path i've drawn in red arrow. I was stupid enough to believe her but half way down the path i realized something is not right. Then, i asked a couple passing by for help and.......




Somebody please dig me a hole i can stuck my head in......

When i reached the gate, i realized what a noob i'd been.


I should have go straight down (yellow arrow). Syoknya.....main pusing.....blame the aunty for showing me the wrong path(not because i read the map upside down).


Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 4,(G): Presbyterian Church of Danshui


Checking out Presbyterian Church of Danshui. History here....


I peeked at the front door and saw a priest smiling back at me. You are allow to enter though but i din't because i'm afraid i might do something against their rules just like the last time when i was in Sibu's R.C. Church. My previous encounter at the R.C. church had taught me a good lesson and i remember well enough to not repeat the same mistake. Haha.

A cross at the back of the church.

This is the gateway leading up the church. Quite steep actually. Loving the painting on the window, it looked damn nice from the inside when the light reflected on it.


Oh....and don't forget to check out the artistic corridor in front of this church. You can still see the remains of an old house that was uprooted for the sake of opening up this area so that it catch the eyes of the peoples passing by from the roadside.


1) The wall painted red which is how the old house looked like from the outside.
2) Brick walls it??

Pictures from the old times.....


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