Saturday, August 21, 2010

What!!! Ask money again!!!!

Got up with a severe stomachache today and start dating with my toilet bowl until 8am. Thought i'm feeling okay by the time but i'd decided to not take the risk. Skipped the lab test.....hopefully i'll get to sit for the replacement test a.s.a.p.

There're still 2 more reports, 3 more tests to go before final hit. Is going to be a tough week ahead and the week to come. Mum called yesterday night to update me on my family issues and not forgetting to gave me a good lecture.

Mum: 'Where are you now? What are you doing?'
Me: 'Beside the lake, preparing to jump in.'
Mum: 'Are you crazy!!!! What are you doing there in the middle of the night? Din't i told you not to go out at night!!!! Have you forget what i told you!!!! Not in JULY!!!!! You know your own problem!!!!'
Me: 'Yeah, now only you realized your daughter is mentally retarded ar? Is JULY edi mei? No wonder got car came hit me yesterday night.'
Mum: 'WHAT!!!!! A CAR HIT YOU????'
Me: 'Yeah.'
Mum: ' You okay or not???'
Me: 'Ok lar....or else how to talk with you now??'
Mum: 'Sure ar~~~how it happened? I oledi told you don't go out at night!!!!'
Me: 'Sure. That hit me one ppl more teruk than me.....but my bicycle spoiled. Ah..I want $$$$ to repair it.'
Mum: 'Ask money again!!! Since when you got bicycle???'
Me: 'Oopsss.....since last year lo~~~'
Mum: 'Why buy bicycle?'
Me: 'Cheapest transport to go campus.'
Mum: 'No bus one mei??'
Me: 'I patah one tulang. Now in hospital.'
Mum: 'WHAT!!!! You say you okay de.....?'
Me: 'Yeah, haven't die mar okay lo....'
Mum: 'You want how much?'
Me: '1 billion US dollar.'
Mum: 'I'll give you Rm200 tomolo.'
Me: 'How's your job doing? Going well?'
Mum: 'Okay. Smooth. Your friend getting marry, yesterday she bought her wedding shoe from me.'
Me: 'Yeah, i know that. How's Lawrence doing?'
Mum: 'Good. He helped me a lot.'
Me: 'Great then, I wanna talk to Fish.'
Mum: 'Not free, she just came back from work. Bathing now.'
Me: 'O~~~so busy o.'
Mum: 'Yep. Everyone busy except for you, keep spent money here and there.'
Me: 'Haha. Enjoying my university life mar~~~'
Mum: 'How come university student spent so much in a month???'
Me: 'Your daughter love to do charity work mar....'
Mum: 'Sampat. I don't want to talk to you anymore. I'm going to bed.'
Me: 'You can sleep mei~~~????'
Mum: 'Baling on bed slowly will sleep.'
Me: 'Wu~~~i one day sleep 3 hours only. You got time don't want sleep, think this and that.'
Mum: 'Why sleep 3 hours only? Not good for your skin!!!!'
Me: 'Busy thinking boys mar~~~'
Mum: 'Your dad ask you don't fa hiao!!!'
Me: 'I think only, where got fa hiao~~~'
Mum: 'Who ar?'
Me: 'The cartoon boy inside my text book.'
Mum: 'Ish.....Waste my money calling you.'
Me: 'Yeah. Remember that, next time don't waste money calling me anymore.'
Mum: 'BYE BYE!!!! (Very angry tone)'
Me: 'SAYONARA~~~~ (Very syok tone)'

What my heart want to say......~~~~

Mum: 'Where are you now? What are you doing?'
Me: 'I'm inside a dark room, i see no light and i'm desperately searching for an exit.'

Mum: ' You okay or not???'
Me: 'I'm not okay. I felt very hopeless and i need a shoulder to cry on. There're too much to worry. I'm all worn out. I'm tired of chasing after something that is so hard for me to reach out. I just want to lie down on my back and think about nothing at all.'

Mum: 'You want how much?'
Me: 'There is no fixed value for the thing i want.'

Mum: 'WHAT!!!!! A CAR HIT YOU????'
Me: 'No. I hit that car and i cabut lari after that......~~~~lalalala~~~~'

Got a mail from Los Angeles this morning.....the handwriting on the envelope cheers me up......



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